MIA KLOSE: "Stronger"
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MIA KLOSE, the Swedish bombshell (ka-blaam!) of melodic rock/metal, has arrived in the 21st century. Her new album, 'Stronger', marking her triumphant return to music after a two-year hiatus. Mia's sound and songwriting has matured, but is filled with hooks and 80s rock flavours. But that's where the 80s ends - this is truly music for the 21st century. Mia Klose has established a strong fan-base through regular gigging, along with 15,000 followers across social media platforms. Before her break from music, you might have seen Mia at the inaugural HRH festival several times, along with the prestigious Sweden Rock festival and the UKs largest metal festival, Bloodstock. Mia also joined Steel Panther as a special guest during their sold out tours of the U.K and Germany, and later made her Download Festival debut on the
Jagermeister stage. She has also been the support for acclaimed rockers Reckless Love and Sebastian Bach.After some time away from music, Mia is now ready to release her new album, Stronger. Find out more about the artist and the album. Here's... MIA KLOSE:

You're obviously "Stronger" according to the title of your new album. Physically, mentally, both?

I do feel a lot stronger compared to when I released my first album. I was still a kid back then and now I have grown up and have learnt how to deal with most situations in life. I have learnt that you can go through anything and come out on the other side stronger. So yes I do feel stronger.

The sound and songwriting has matured. What exactly is the meaning of "mature(d)" in this particular context?

I feel like my songwriting has developed the more I have written. I have also worked with such skilled co writers and together with them I think the feel of the music has grown and matured.

Kindly tell us something about the writing process and what you're trying to capture.

I have written most song together with the guitarists in my band, Kalle and Jonny. We wrote most of the songs in my little studio room in Bethnal Green, East London where I also lived at the time. We had a lot of fun in the sessions and the songwriting reflects the fun we were having together. The lyrics are about love, living life and being independent and strong.

Are you pleased with the outcome and how would you describe Stronger?

Im very happy with the outcome. I think its fantastic what we managed to create. We spent many hours in the rehearsal studio arranging the songs also together with my bassist C-rexx and drummer Henry Rogers. I would describe Stronger as positive, energetic, fun and hooky.

What kind of 'sound', production wise, did you have in the back of your mind prior to recording?

I wanted this album to be more melodic then my first album, but still keep the heavy riffs and metal feel. I love old school classic rock and metal but want my music to have a fresh and modern approach.

What kind of input did friends, fans, fellow musicians have during the recording process.

The recording process was very intense and I did not get much time to spend with friends so I would say the people that did any input were mainly the ones working with the recordings.

The mixing and mastering of your new album was done by Tony Wilson, the founder of the Friday Rock Show. He's actually been mixing something other than Tommy Vance (RIP) and his leather pants? :)

Tony Wilson has been working as a producer for decades and has recorded with Diamond Head and Spider for example. Tony is also my manager and he runs Total Rock Radio in the U.K. Im pleased to be able to work with a man that has as much experience as him.

People tend to complain about 80s fashion. However. You're the fan of Cyndi Lauper's wardrobe? I guess you're a follower of the Yngwie J Malmsteen motto: "How can less be more. Surely more is more"? :)

Oh really? Are people complaining about 80s fashion? :) I feel like there are much more important things in life then complaining about peoples choice of clothing but personally I like style more then fashion. I sure do think more is more and it's fun when people get inspired by such a colourful decade as the 80.

What ever made you become the melodic hardrock singer in the first place?

I have been singing since I was very young but realised how much I love melodic hard rock in my early teens. I loved (and still do) the sound and the feel of this kind of music. A breaking point was seeing Judas Priest play live at Sweden Rock Festival. It was the coolest thing I had seen and heard, so I decided I wanted to do that too.

Would you say that metal is (still) sexist in 2018?

I think I can say with confidence that every single woman has been harassed at least once, regardless of what they look like, where they work or where they come from. I think the question about if metal is sexist is an important question to also ask men, as sexism mainly comes from men. I think in general everyone can play a roll working more actively against sexism across all industries and areas of life.

Your best and worst moment in the history of Mia Klose - the musician.

Best moment - playing Manchester Academy to a sold out crowd. Worst moment - spending a night camping in tents due to lack of funds for a hotel during a tour in Germany (though there is nothing wrong with camping in general it was just very cold and wet).

If there's anything you'd like to add, say, please do..

Thank you for the interview. Follow your dreams and keep calm! Life is too short to live any other way! :) My album STRONGER will be out on the 28th of September so make sure you check it out. Find it on iTunes/Spotify or pick up a physical copy at http://www.miaklose.bigcartel.com

Interview by Urban 'Wally' Wallstrom

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