Here's a little interview with Steve Brown of 40ft Ringo!

1. Where does the name for the band come from?

It comes from my good bud, Mark Helbock, who went to see the Beatles anthology in a movie theater. There was a close up of Ringo he laughed and said..." wow, a 40FT. RINGO ". He told me the story and I said " what a great name for a band"... and there you have it.

2. How would you say what kind of music is 40ft Ringo?

" HARD POP THAT ROCKS FOR A GOOD TIME". ATOMIC POP ROCK....Cheap Trick meets the Goo Goo dolls, good Charlotte meets Matchbox 20.

3. Other than the new EP is there new music coming out from you guys soon?

Yes. we've have a ton of new songs written. We will start recording next month.

4. The CD is out from Atenzia. How did you end up with European label?

They believed in us and have helped in building a solid foundation for our worldwide fanbase.

5. And because you're with European label do we have the possibility to see 40ft Ringo live over here and what can expect the show to be a like.

We're hoping to be there this summer.

6. From the CD it sounds like you're enjoying your life at moment very much or am I wrong. Just the title like "Big Fat Smile" doesn't sound like a song written by a sad man. Where does the ideas for the songs come to you?

40FT. RINGO is all about a good time. we are a rock n roll party. we try to always be positive in our lyrics.

7. Need to go back a little bit in time. After Trixter what did you do before 40ft Ringo?

There were 2 versions before 40FT. ringo... THROWAN ROCKS, then SOAKED....all featured myself, Pj + Maz.

8. How do you see the music business these days? Your songs were available through your site before you got the deal. That is something that you don't see many bands doing, well maybe some 30 second soundbytes but no full songs.

The Biz is getting back on its feet after being killed by the internet + downloading. Fans have to support music by " buying" songs + cd's. But i also think it's important for bands to give some music away for free. If it's good, people will buy it.

9. What is the future going to be like with 40ft Ringo?

Loving what we do. Making music and playing live.

10. Lastly the necessary Finland question. If you would buy a finnish mobile phone what would be the name of it be?



Questions asked by Vesa Nuorala, photos borrowed from the bands website No fourty feet tall people were harmed, let alone seen, during the making of this interview. (c) 2004 RockUnited.Com - "Saved By Rock"!


40ft. RINGO "....the story"

40FT. RINGO is New jersey based band that features STEVE BROWN & PJ FARLEY of the million selling MCA rock band TRIXTER ( RIAA certified Gold album,3 #1 MTV videos,3 BILLBOARD TOP100 Hit singles, featured on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, VH-1's "29TH" GREATEST HAIR BAND OF ALL TIME). Together for over 4 years along w/ guitarist MAZ, and drummer BRIAN GABRIEL, the band is becoming a worldwide success with their amazing ATOMIC POP sound. 40FT. RINGO have BEST BUY ( USA's #1 music retailer) selling their debut cd,"FUNNY THING", in the UNITED STATES and have licensing deals with ATENZIA records for all of Europe and with UNIVERSAL JAPAN for Asia. Since being released in April of 2003 the cd has sold over 15,000 units in over 16 countries and gotten rave reviews.

The sound is "HARD POP THAT ROCKS FOR A GOOD TIME" ....CHEAP TRICK meets GOO GOO DOLLS, GOOD CHARLOTTE meets MATCHBOX 20....timeless pop with hard guitar edge. 40FT. RINGO "FUNNY THING" has been played by over 200 radio stations worldwide and in the United States it has been played on over 75 major radio stations. The first single "ANYWAY" was added into medium rotation on NJ's BEST ROCK,105.5 WDHA.The band were winners of the 92.3K-ROCK,ROLLING ROCK Battle of the bands @ the HARD ROCK CAFE/ NYC in August of 2001. New Jerseys largest Newspaper ,"THE RECORD" , featured 40FT. RINGO on the cover of their "GO" entertainment section December 2001.With help from their booking agent ,MITCH ROSE, from CAA, the band has played some amazing hi-energy shows at venues like TRUMP MARINA nj, BB KING's BLUES CLUB nyc,THE STARLAND BALLROOM nj,THE CHANCE in ny state, ARLENE GROCERY/ DON HILLS nyc,THE STONE PONY nj, STATE THEATER nj,sharing the stage with the likes of DAVID LEE ROTH, VINCE NEIL,GOOD CHARLOTTE, TESLA, SIMPLE PLAN,STRYPER and FOREIGNER. In December 2003 their first ever Christmas song , "ROCKIN' CHRISTMAS TIME" was added to rotation on WDHA 105.5fm as well as some of the internets biggest radio stations.The readers of Spains #1 Rock webzine " ROCK ANGELS" voted "FUNNY THING" BEST MODERN ROCK RECORD OF 2003. 40FT. RINGO's website has gotten over 900,000 hits and averages between 1500 to 3000 hits a day.

2004 looks to be the break out year for 40FT. RINGO. In January the 2nd single from "FUNNY THING" will be released ,"INSIDE YOUR HEAD" , an up-beat smash pop radio hit that captures the true sonic picture of what the band is all about.Along with single , a special EP will be released that contains a special remix of the song along with unreleased tracks and a video. In February 2004 the song " WIRED" was added into night time rotation on 105.5FM WDHA. Worldwide touring is being planned for spring / summer along with a national ad and radio campaign that promises to take 40FT. RINGO to the next level .


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