Seventh Avenue may finally break through to a wider audience with their new album (Between Two Worlds), and a new label behind them (Massacre). Here's what frontman Herbie Langhans had to say about the album and the changes etc.

U - First of, I must congratulate you for an excellent CD. Are you please with the result?

Herbie Langhans - Thanks! Yes we really like the new album and considering the fact that we didn't have so much money for the production it's really good.

U- Can you tell us a little bit about the story behind "Between The Worlds". Is this the old "Good vs. Evil" story in a new package?

HL- Yes that it may be ! It's of course about the truth that there is a Heaven and a Hell and if you didn't choose the right way you go down, but the real party is upstairs in Heaven.

U- My favorite songs from the new CD are "Angels Eyes" and "Wings Of Dawn". What can you tell us about those songs?

HL- "Angels Eyes" is a cool Midtempo song with a straight chorus (cool Hookline) and the Lyrics are about people who see only the bad side in people, they have so much hate in their hearts. So this song is for them just to see the world with angels eyes, because an angel can see in your heart and know your soul. "Wings of Dawn" is a very melodic straight Speed song with some progressive parts. And the lyrics are from the bible (yes really) it's psalm 139 you can read it.

U- Call me crazy, but I find the ballad "Touch Of Your Love" to have more in common with Stryper & 80's hairbands, than metal. Do you find any truth in this at all?

HL- Its right this song is very soft and clean but Stryper ?? I think on the next album we will make more of a Power Ballad.

U- There's also a cover of soft-rockers "Survivor" here (Burning Heart). What made you record this particular tune, and are you guys into 80's AOR music? You have also covered Styx in the past.

HL- Yeah we like to cover songs which are not METAL and I really like Survivor, it's a cool band from the eighties. And when I was young I really loved the ROCKY Movies and the soundtracks so on this album I wanted cover this song.

U- You've been on smaller labels up until now. What's your opinon about your new label, Massacre?

HL- They work very good and everything is going in a professional way, not like in the past, it was terrible. Massacre makes this really cool Concept with the NEWCOMER LOWPRICE for 9,90 Euro and that's cool, because more people will then buy our album and they make a really good promotion. We are very happy with this deal.

U- Being on a new label, is their any pressure from the business people? Does it feel like this is your make or break album???

HL- No I think there is no pressure, it's all very cool. But I hope this is our "MAKE" Album and I know that we can become better in the future with the next album.

U- Who's responsible for the frontcover and did you have any say about it?

HL- I had the Idea of this Cover and I tried to find a way together with the great painter ALBERTO TORQUATO ( Angra... ). For this album I wanted a double Cover and I think the result is very good.

U- For who/whom do you believe your music is intended for? Is Seventh Avenue too "soft" music, for the average 14-year old kid, or?

HL- Oh I think a lot of people could like our music. It's very different, there are lot of fans who are 30 - 40 because they are from the eighties and they love our Style, but we have a lot of young Fans too. I think there are enough bands playing only for the Teenagers ( Limp Biskit, Papa Roach etc.)

U- If we're talking about influences and old rock heroes. Which bands/artist would you name?

HL- We have different Styles in our Band. We love Maiden, Helloween, Blind Guardian, Zakk Wylde, Samson and a lot of other good Metal BAnds. And I really like the new Masterplan its very rough that's great.

U- What's in your CD-player nowadays? Pink and Britney Spears? :-)

HL- UUUUUÄÄÄÄÄHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!! These days I have bought the new MASTERPLAN ( great Stuff man ), the new Sinner ( very rough, but not the best songs ) and Dream Evil it's very cool ( more the music, not the lyrics ) and sometimes Skid Row .... ROCK'N ROLL.

U- Germany has always been a good place for traditional metal (even in the worst Grunge period). For example, I believe Manowar had a #3 album last year. Why do you think this is the case?

HL- I don't know exactly ! I only know that I really like German Metal. Maybe its because in Germany you have a lot of Beer and the best for Inspiration ( hihi )

U- What happens in the near future with Seventh Avenue?

HL- We plan to go on Tour this summer ( details are not confirmed at the moment ) and play some good shows. And at the moment I've started to write new songs because I like to take a long time for songwriting.

U- If there's anything you'd like to say, add or promote. Please do:

HL- Thanks to all our Fans out there for making us so strong. live your dreams. ROCK FOR HIM !!!

Interview by: Urban "Wally" Wallström,

Thanks to: Jenny Walroth, Stephen at TrueMusic Promotion and Herbie Langhans