Urban cornered the living legend of metal, Wolf Hoffmann of Accept and found out what is happening in his life at the moment!

What are you up to now? (besides answering these stupid questions)

Professional Photography

Yeah, I noticed your name as photo credit for the Country band "The Oak Ridge Boys" etc. Is that your "full time" occupation now?

Yes - full time profession

Is it true that you're living in Nashville? Will there be a country album in the future? :-)

Yes - I do live in Nashville and there will be no country album - I assure you...

You recorded a instrumental, classical album recently. Do tell us a little bit about it.

As you may have noticed, my songwriting with ACCEPT reflected my love for classical music very early. As touring band for over 20 years, I never had the opportunity to record an album like this.

Will there be a "Metal" solo album in the future? You did some work with Sebastian Bach a couple of years back.

I am not planning to record any thing right now and yes, I enjoyed working with my longtime friend Sebastian

Who(m) or what inspired you to pick up the guitar in the first place?

House music in my family

Let's talk guitars for a while. Do you have a favorite old 'axe' that you always play. Or do you switch guitar whenever a new model is out on the market?

Flying V and no - I love the ones I am used to

I would say that your a master of Power Riffs! What inspired you to come up with new one's for each Accept album? Did you look anything at guitarists such as Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions) or Tipton/Downing (Judas Priest) at the time?

No - I did not look somewhere else. ACCEPT has always been a very secluded group of friends and we rehearsed day and night and that lead to my ability to come up with riffs.

You married your own (Accept's) manager Gaby Hauke. Who also wrote the lyrics for many of the songs. Does she work as a manager for any bands today?

Yes - I did and no - she is not managing any other bands - ACCEPT has been her greatest love and still is.... and she refused to write for any other artists.

Which year did you join "Accept" anyway? And what was your opinion about Udo, When you met him for the first time.

End of 70's and Udo is Udo until today - VERY unique

When did you at first understand that Accept may have a good thing going on here?

The minute we started rehearsing!

Who's the frontcover girl from Breaker? :-)

A model :-)

How come that Peter Baltes always sang a couple of songs here and there? Udo's voice was maybe too 'brutal' for them or ?

Udo did not favor to have 2 vocalists in the band and that was it...

What the heck is "Balls To The Wall" (the song) about anyway?

It is an English expression for being in a hopeless, desperate situation - about oppression and slavery and you should perhaps try to understand the lyrics - very heavy and has been an important statement in 1984 and still is - because the world has not changed yet.....

Which Accept album are you most pleased with and why?

At the time we wrote any album we always gave the best - I can not really single one album out, each of them has something special.

With Udo gone, the rest of you became even more melodic. And recorded "Eat The Heat" mostly intended for the US Market? Who's idea was that? Yours or the label?

That was a logical step to avoid competition against ourselves and we had a great time with our producer Dieter Dierks who has been very influencial.

Did you try out any other vocalists than David Reese & Rob Armitage when Udo left?

I guess, we did.... [Urban - in other words - No comments?]

From your point of view! What was the problem with David Reese anyway?

David Reese's problems have been very complex. The management had iron rules set up for behavior between the musicians and the musicins and the outside world. There was a Zero tolerance politic, which made us all grind - but, we understood the principal of "respect" - David didn't.

Do you have contact with any of the Accept members today?

Yes - of course.

What ever happened to Frank Friedrich?

He chose another profession

When Accept got back together in 1992, you became the only guitarist. How come? Since the twin-guitar play has always been your trade mark. (The double Flying V force). I guess you didn't get along with either Jörg Fischer or Hermann Frank at the time?

Any musician who had endured the twin-guitar torture knows, how difficult that is. It has very little to do with liking, understanding or what so ever. The most fun and the easiest way to get the hottest groove is a 3 man band - believe me. We wanted to fulfill a desire to get down to the basics and just let go. Unfortunately the media is not encouraging musicians to live out their desires - they are always requested to live out other peoples wishes. Well, we did not do this and did it our way. It was most enjoyable

Didn't John Norum play with you guys for a little while?

No, never....

What's your opinion about the albums "Death Row" and "Predator" today? In retrospective, You don't think they turned out to be "too brutal" sounding? I know that many fans believe so.

If Udo would have given it a bit more time and effort I believe, we could have succeeded with a mixture of this and the past ACCEPT compositions - but - that was the past. I am in a wonderful place in my life and do not look back with regrets or hard feelings. We have seen the world, we had the best of fans and perhaps it was just time to move on.....

Are there any old Accept songs (demos) left in the vault? Waiting to be released in the future?

There are, mostly uncompleted - but there will be no future releases. The only finished production we have, is the live recordings from our last world tour in 1996 with Michael Cartellone on drums. It remains to be seen, if this will ever be released, because I think, that there are plenty ACCEPT re-mixes, compilations, tributes and I don't know what out there.

OK! Here it is! I know you've been waiting for this one.... Will there ever be another Accept reunion, tour or new CD ?

I do not think so. If you look at all the endless re-unions and the actual success behind it of other bands, who have done that - it is not very encouraging. Gaby, who has launched ACCEPT's career so thoughtful believes, that this would be very difficult. Sometimes I wished, I could just jam with my old buddy's - but let's face it - we live in different worlds and I am on to other adventures.

So... What are your future plans?

I am very dedicated to everything I do and I always give 100% - let's wait and see.... I enjoy my life very much!

If YOU have anything you'd like to say, add or plug ! Please do:

Yes - since you have not warned me, that you are conducting the interview of the century, I am sending you an invoice for my time... just kiddin'..... I am surprised that there is still so much interest about my person and I try to keep up with the fan's demands - but I am very busy and so it is sometimes hard to do... So - that's it! You take care and all the best.

Urban "Wally" Wallström