AC/DC Live In Helsinki

For those about to rock, we salute you! Huge Angus statue blowing steam out of his mouth and eyes glowing, not forgetting the devil horns, air-filled Rosie waving to all of us, great songs - AC/DC is still kicking everyone's ass. The band hasn't changed at all, apart from a few songs which have been dropped but of the set. Still, good r'n'r for 2 hours. In Helsinki the band played a couple of songs from the their latest album "Stiff Upper Lip", the rest were older songs - just what the people wanted to hear.

When the band started with the classic "You Shook Me All Night Long", we knew right away we'd get a kick ass show. For two hours we got our heads filled with great AC/DC songs, and of course Angus did his striptease routine the Finnish flag on his underpants. There were videos playing on the screen during "Hard As A Rock" and I have never laughed that much in a rock concert before. Everyone was doing it on the screen, there were animals, humans, cartoons, everything. During "Highway to Hell" there were fires (of hell?) on stage and finally, and when the big guns were fired, we know it was time to go home.

The guys really put out a great show. Malcolm and Cliff stood in the same place they have always stood, only stepping in to sing back-up vox when needed, Phil was keeping up the beat the whole time and I guess he went through a pack of cigarettes during the show. Then there were Angus and Brian who ran all over the place. I don't know how they do it. It still amazes me. Brian was hanging on the bell during "Hells Bells" and Angus was everywhere; above the crowd , coming under the stage...he just kept on going.

We got almost all the songs that we wanted to hear. Of course there are always some songs missing, personal favorites that they don't always play, but you can't get it all. Hearing "Dirty Deeds", "TNT", "Rosie", "Back In Black" and "Jack" is almost more than you can ask for. After a little disappointment at the Gods 2000 this was the perfect homecoming for me.

About the support act, Backyard Babies...Just heard some noise coming from the arena, that's all I have on them. We were drinking beer and getting ready for AC/DC. Anyone who still has the opportunity to see the guys - go!!! You won't be disappointed. I thought no one would top Jovi this year but I was wrong.

By Vesa Nuorala