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Twenty four years is a long time in anyone's book, but that is how long it's been since the 'Kings Of Applecore' Acid Reign have been missing from the UK thrash scene. More of a reboot than a reformation, sole original member Howard 'H' Smith comments;"I tried to put the old line up back together the guys were unable to do it for differing reasons. Then, in the summer of 2014, I started toying with the idea of a new line up and it came together quite quickly. We're taking it slowly, learning the old stuff and playing with new ideas too. It's not a reformation it's a reboot. Even if it was the old line up it would be different, it's been 24 years! The main thing is that the goodwill toward Acid Reign has never been stronger, everywhere I go people are saying we should come back and eventually I actually fucking listened!" managed to get hold of their bonking mad singer for a quick chat about music, comedy, and various nonsense. The UK audience may also recognize him as 'Keith Platt' from the Yorkshire stand-up scene. Here's... Howard 'H' Smith

What's the reaction to the news that Acid Reign 2015 is go?

It has been absolutely fantastic; Iím really blown away by it. I thought weíd get a fair bit of stick given Iím the only original member but itís been universally positive.

What's the difference between a reboot and the reunion? [£ 10,000?]

Ha ha I wish, thereís no money in this anymore! Well I came up with the idea of calling it a reboot as thatís what they do in Hollywood when they are trying to breathe new life into an old franchise with an all new cast so it seemed quite ap

Are you no longer on speaking terms with the original members?

This has the blessing of all of them, two years ago it started out as all original members but one by one they have had to drop out for varying reasons. Life gets in the way some times. You may see Kev doing the odd guest appearance.

Are we going to experience yet another slice of West Coast Hip Hop... Wait a minute. There's two Acid Reign? Are you aware of the U.S. hip hop band?

Yes of course! We even follow each other on Twitter. It does get a bit frustrating as we get copied into their shows on Facebook a lot but thatís hardly their fault. Killer Hip Hop band though so itís all good, if they were shit, now that would be a problem ha ha!

Reboot(ing), that's the new album title, yeah? no?

No new album, just one song- Plan Of The Damned (coming soon folks.) We need to do the whole nostalgia tour first then when weíre all bored of that it will be time for an album but thatís down the line from here.

How boring are (metal) musicians of today? When did you last hear/read the fun interview or the witty reply for that matter?

Funny you should say that I was discussing this in the last interview I did. No one has any opinions any more. If they do come out and say something even borderline offensive they are all over social media begging forgiveness within hours. People need to give a lot less of a fuck of what other people think. The funniest answer I heard to a question recently was by David Coverdale, that says it all really. He told his critics to ďfuck off back to your bedroomsĒ, class, made me giggle.

How are you going to balance Acid Reign with other obligations - Emmerdale (farm), podcast, stand up? [Keith Platt - Professional Yorkshireman]

Emerdale is shit since they dropped the farm, it needs another plane crash/tornado/plague. Podcast is easy done and if weíre on the road I can interview who ever we come across. Keith is cool with the band he loves his metal so weíre all good. (this is making me sound like I have serious mental issues).

Why do people say that everyone is a comedian if people are Adam Sandler or Rob Schneider?

If you like the films of Adam Sandler you are a fucktard. End of. Everyone isnít a comedian, people can be funny but being funny in front of hundreds of people whoíve paid money to be made laugh is something else entirely. That is what a comedian does.

Do you think a Thrash Metal singer should be feared or liked?

If you want to be feared go and buy a gun, if you want to be in a band go out and entertain. I always pissed about and enjoyed myself on stage and I will again, people buy into that. Going to a gig is a night out after all, who the fuck wants to go out with some cunt whoís threatening people all the time? No one thatís who!

What do you think of your previous record label? (Under One Flag/MFN). Did they ever support you guys (promotion-wise, tours, etc.)

Loved em, havenít got a bad word for them. Gem Howard from MFN was on my podcast recently and Iím meeting him for a beer next week.

Would you say that Acid Reign were influenced by Anthrax in the past?

No not really I think there are a lot of other bands that were more influential. Thereís more to both of us than we both wore shorts a lot.

How do you think I rate as an interviewer? Trying too hard?

I like your style; itís great to get some different questions for once! 9/10 Bravo.

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New song coming soon is launching soon until then you can get us at Tweet @AcidReignUKAC Instagram acidreignukac and my metal/comedy podcast Talking Bollocks Or look for it in any podcast app. Now thatís all out the way thanks for your support it means a lot after all these years we hope to see you all out on the road. Moochos Grassse Arse! Howard 'H' Smith

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