(the order might not be 100% correct)

- Back To You
- House Arrest
- 18 Til I Die
- It's Only Love
- Can't Stop This We Started
- Summer Of '69
- Straight From The Heart
- Cuts Like A Knife
- This Time
- Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven
- Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
- Into The Fire
- I'm Ready
- When You're Gone
- One Night Love Affair
- Somebody
- The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me
- Please Forgive Me
- Heaven
- Best Of Me
- Cloud Number Nine
- Run To You
- The Way You Make Me Feel

PS. The setlist is quite similar to that on the DVD rekease of his, "Live at Slane Castle"...

Bryan Adams live in Elysee Arena, Turku, Finland, 12 February 2002.

No album to promote, yet he's still touring the world...not your typical rock star, this Bryan Adams. But as he said himself..."it's kinda like my job!". According to Vesa, The Bryan Adams Trio played a great gig the previous day in Helsinki to a sold-out house, so we had something to look forward to. Although the Elysee Arena wasn't sold out, the show could only be described as being GREAT! And OK, he does have a new Live DVD available...

The support band was KILLER, a finnish group who recently released their first album. I missed most of their set, but what I heard wasn't too impressive. My girlfriend Mira saw the whole set, and her verdict was "BORING"...Their album was produced by The Rasmus guys and I believe that they also co-wrote some of their songs, but it's obvious that The Rasmus is keeping all the good ones for themselves. Most of the audience didn't seem to care either, and they stayed in the bars...only their huge hit "All I Want" seemed to raise a few cheers. And one of these youngsters had the nerve to go and say things like "I used to hate Adams when I was younger, now I just think he's kind of funny" in the newspapers before the concert...

It would have been great to see some other support act who would've actually respected this opportunity...I can imagine that someone like Urban Tale would've been more suitable for Adams' audience.

I was a little bit of worried when I heard that Bryan would only be accompanied by a guitarist Keith Scott and drummer Mickey Curry (he played bass himself), but the threesome could provide surprisingly "full sound". Both Scott and Curry supported Adams with strong backing vocals, and Mr. Adams himself delivered totally awesome lead vocals and solid bass playing. The guy could really teach a lesson or two to just about any vocalist out there, his vocals were simply terrific!

The setlist didn't leave much to be desired, as you can see on the left. Pretty much all of the Adams' classics were played, and they sounded just fine in "stripped down", even the Mutt Lange-produced ones that on the albums have a very big, over-the-top sound. And to please the die-hard fans, a few less familiar album tracks were also played, not to mention the last song "The Way You Make Me Feel", written by Adams but only recorded by Ronan Keating (of Boyzone) on his solo album.

You want highlights? The whole set was very enjoyable, but of course the classics "Summer Of 69", "One Night Love Affair" and "Everything I Do" sounded great. The whole show had a very intimate feeling, Bryan was in a good mood and joked and told little stories inbetween the songs. It was more like a "singalong get-together with Bryan" than a Big Rock Spectacle, and I wouldn't have traded it for one! As for the intimacy, Bryan took the idea of "crowd participation" to another level by first handing out his microphone to the first row a couple of times, and then by inviting one girl to sing "When You're Gone" with him. Paulina was probably the happiest girl in the arena...

If the BA Trio comes to your town, I suggest you don't miss the show. Over two hours of quality melodic rock and worth every penny you pay!

Review by: Kimmo Toivonen,