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The Order Of Things is the seventh studio album of All That Remains. Their previous album was very successful and so the band maybe decided to make the new album even more radio friendly….Josh Wilbur (lLamb Of God) was tapped for the production for a gust of fresh air, but if you have read my review then you I think the opposite is the case…. The new album sounds too predictable and mediocre and maybe that was the reason why Mike was so enthusiastic (NOT), answering my questions about the new album. I think that he gave the shortest answers to my questions I have ever experienced in my rather long “career” as a music reporter. But maybe it was just that Mike does not like e-mail interviews, or maybe my questions were not interesting enough…. Check it out for yourself! Here we go:

Mike, could you please elaborate about the title (The Order Of Things) of the new album?

“It’s kinda like saying “This is the way it is, so find peace with it.” There’s only a few things in life you can change, so don’t spend time worrying about it.”

The album was produced by Josh Wilbur, known from his work with Lamb of God, why he?

“He’s a great producer and a great guy. He’s really clever and creative and really fun to work with.”

Phil and Josh wrote the lyrics together, this was the first time in the history of the band that someone from outside ATR did that. What was the reason for that and did it work out all right for you?

“It was very organic. He just offered ideas and if I liked em we used em. That’s about it.”

Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics?

“Just daily life. Things I see and think about.”

How important are lyrics for All That Remains?

“Very, it’s what the vast majority of people identify with.”

The first single of the new album will be This Probably Won’t End Well; why that particular track?

“Cause that’s what the label wanted to use. The band is so into so many of the songs we didn’t really sweat which one was first.”

The Order Of Things is a more “radio friendly” album. Would you agree with that? Why, why not and was that already in the back of your mind (read: done on purpose)?

“No, it’s always a situation of, “do we like it? Ok, use it.”

Phil stated in the bio of the new album that it is an overall leaning sing-y album; what did he mean by that?

“It has more singing on it.”

This record is the best All That Remains album so far Phil also stated. Of course that is always the case with any new album, so is it a cliché or is it the truth and why do you think so?

“I disagree with your first statement. Maybe other bands say that stuff but that doesn’t hold true for us.”

What are your favourite tracks and why?

“The whole record. I can’t pick just a few. It’s great!”

When and where will the tour start and which band will be support act?

“North America, Feb 24.”

If you have anything to add, please do so….

Unfortunately, maybe luckily, Mike had nothing to add, so this was the amazing interview with All That Remains.

Interview: Martien Koolen

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