ANGELICA (last name: Rylin) is a Swedish singer best known as the lead vocalist of The Murder Of My Sweet and not to be confused with the Christian Hard Rock band of the 80's. "ALL I Am" - solo album number two from the classy lady with the high soaring voice. It's already been seven years since her wicked debut album "Thrive", which was released in 2013, and the time is now for a follow-up and her The Murder Of My Sweet bandmate and partner in crime, Daniel Flores, sits in the producer's chair and the result sits nicely in between Pop, Rock, and AOR. Find out more about the album and the lady in red? Here's ANGELICA:

albumAll I Am - How many sides of Angelica will the listener find on the record?

Angelica: Quite a few sides I would say. The songs reflect me in a personal way. Like, you have "Beat them all" which is a reflection of how hard I work to get somewhere and then "Addicted to you" where I'm utterly and completely in love, so much it makes me a bit crazy. The single “Calling” is a reflection of my frustration with what’s going on in the world right now in politics, the climate change, this pandemic and things like that. A couple of the songs makes me think of my son, my greatest love in life. And how hard it can be at times when you're away working and touring.

The songs on "All I Am" are the most "dance-able" I've heard you do, is that down to exploring different avenues and styles?

Angelica: My solo albums are definitely a way for me to express myself differently than how we do it with The Murder of My Sweet. For this album, I aimed for a mix of the classic sound from Bryan Adams and a more modern sound like Daughtry and Pink.

The album features several outside songwriters/songsmiths. Any particular reason why you decided to use them? After all, you wrote, co-wrote several of the songs on your first album, 'Thrive'.

Angelica: For me it’s a way to step out of my comfort zone and get influenced by other songwriters. But as a singer and a lyricist it’s also important for me to connect with the songs I'm recording and I really think we hit home with this album. It’s very personal and that's why I named it "All I am".

Any pressure from Frontiers to have "All I Am" sound a certain way?

Angelica: We had a shared vision of what kind of sound and direction we wanted for “All I Am” so no pressure at all.

aWhat's the most important aspect of a song anyhow? The catchy hook (refrain) or being able to express yourself lyrically?

Angelica: I think it’s about how the songs stick with you when you turn them off. Sometimes it’s a piece of lyric or a nice beat and sometimes it’s just how they make you feel.

Have you found it's the same audience you're playing to (solo vs. The Murder Of My Sweet) or have you lost (hope not) fans or gained new with your solo stuff?

Angelica: I think I mainly have the same following no matter the costume. They might prefer one from the other but from what they tell me they like my voice and get excited when I release new music. I have the best fans!

You've mentioned Bonnie Tyler as being an influence. Any other vocalists who had a big influence on you? (growing up)

Angelica: I love singers and artists who have character. I loved Freddy Mercury and Whitney Houston growing up and today we have Lady Gaga who is not only a great vocalist but also a very talented musician and Adele who can’t sing a tune without making you feel every feeling to the bone.

Total Eclipse Of The Heart - the best song ever??

Angelica: One of the best songs anyway. Bonnie Tyler has alot of character and sing with her whole heart so maybe that’s why it’s so good?

Would I be completely wrong to believe you to have the Euro-Pop background?

Angelica: Completely wrong I have never dabbled in that type of music.

Regarding producer/production. Aren't you fed up listening to Daniel Flores' annoying tips and input in the studio headphones as well as at the breakfast table :-)

Angelica: In fact, we rarely disagree on things, being it about music or more personal matters. Perhaps that’s why we’re so good together ;)

What's the biggest difference between The Murder Of My Sweet and your solo albums? The main characters are the same [you and Flores]

Angelica: With The Murder of My Sweet, Daniel and I write and compose the music together. We have a clear path to what we want to do, and that is music influenced by movie score. We have done both stand alone albums and a concept album and the red thread is our distinct sound. With my solo project, I work with different songwriters and get a chance to express myself in another way and step out of my comfort zone.

If there's anything you'd like to add, say, please do:

Angelica: Thank you for spending a little time with me. I really hope you will enjoy the album. Hook me up on social media and let me know what you think!

Interview by: Urban Wally Wallstrom

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