Interview with the singer Edu Falaschi before 12 a.m., 20 minutes before showtime.

Satu - What have you been up to lately ?

Edu - We are resting now in Brazil, because we did more than 100 gigs in one year. So we are tired, but we are making some workshops, vocal and drum workshops. And now we are here to play in Sweden Rock and Gods Of Metal tomorrow in Italy and after that we're going back to Brazil to begin the preproduction of the new album. We intend to record the new album in September and release it in the beginning of next year.

Satu - How much have you been working on the new album ?

Edu - We are working seperately for now. Kiko (Loureiro) is writing some songs, I am writing other songs and Rafael (Bittencourt) also, I think everybody's writing something. We've talked about the idea of the album. Because if I write a totally different song from Kiko's songs, it's impossible to put them into the same album. So the idea is the same. We need to make a different album now. Since "Rebirth" was the first album with the new line-up, we needed to prove that the band is the same, the sound is the same and so on. Now we've been in the band for almost three years, so now we are a band really. I think with the next album we need to improve our songs and we are intending to make the album a little heavier than the previous one and with different rhythms. Maybe other brazilian rhythms, because we used to put some brazilian rhythms in some songs. But for the next album we're gonna search something very, very different. The melodies are very different and I think that Aquiles (Priester) is practising a lot with very difficult stuff for the drums. I think people will say "oh my God, I can't believe he can do it !". The vocals will be the same, because "Rebirth" is a great album. I needed to prove all the time there, so I always had to sing the same way, 'cos I couldn't change the style of Angra. But with this album we want to change the style of course. So I'm gonna sing a little bit higher, a little bit more powerful. I think that people can say now "the band is Angra, the song is a little bit different, a little heavier, but it's Angra, that's no problem".

Satu - Are you taking any singing lessons, 'cos you sing very well (and I'm not just saying this !) ?

Edu - Oh, thank you very much. Everybody's practising a lot and with these workshops in Brazil this kind of work is happening, 'cos I can see the reaction of the audience directly. If I sing something not so good, after the workshops the people will say "this part is not so good". So I'll make a note from it; I won't put this on the album. Every time in Brazil I'm showing these different things in the songs for the people. But not directly, like "now I'm gonna show you something different". I'm just adding them in the songs and I check if the people will notice the difference. When the people say "oh, you did something very good, very difficult and beautiful" I say what and the people say "this part or that part" and I'm thinking "this part is working, so I'm gonna put it on the album", this certain style or technique.

Satu - What was the reception for "Rebirth" with you singing on it, what did the André Matos fans think of you ?

Edu - Right after the release of the album we realized that the audience said "the style of Angra is the same and the music, the singer is another one and the drummer and the bass player (Felipe Andreoli) but the essence is the same". So after releasing it in Brazil we got the gold album, after 40 days. So this fact made me stronger, very confident. So everything from those days were very good, the tour went very well, the people singing all the time, the old and the new songs. And for me it was very important they sang the new songs. And I can say I haven't had any problems with the fans saying I don't like you. Or like Bruce Dickinson in the beginning when he replaced Paul Di'Anno, people were saying bad words about him. It hasn't happened with me. So I'm very happy and in the future I think that it gets better and better. Especially in Brazil and Japan our situation is very good. The people in Europe didn't accept the changes that well, because it happened so suddenly. Now after five years the situation is very good and because of that we're here in Sweden now.

Satu - Tell me about the dvd you're going to release ?

Edu - The dvd is a very important moment in our lives, because it's one phase we're finishing, the phase of probation when we needed to prove all the time. With this cd we finish a phase from our career and we made the dvd to show the world how this tour was and this moment, the feelings of the audience. In the beginning of the tour the people were crying and screaming a lot, because "the band is here in front of me", you know. I couldn't believe it, 'cos I thought the band was finished. This dvd will show the people that the band is stronger than ever and the most important thing is to show the feeling of the audience around the world. There's a lot of concerts from Brazil and the main concert is from Sao Paólo in 2001. In Via Funchal we played for 7000 people, a lot of people. We put some things from concerts there, from Japan, Germany, Spain, Taiwan and Taipei, which is very beautiful. We show a lof of backstage footage. The idea is to show the audience what our life is during the day, during the gigs. So it's very funny and some scenes are very funny with Kiko and Rafael. You can laugh all the time. It's a great dvd, but not a dvd where we want to prove that we play well, nothing like that. It's one phase finishing and another phase in our lives beginning where we are making the new album. We've now improved our position on stage, we're playing together every day and now is the new phase and we're gonna start the new phase with the new album, new pictures, everything different. So this dvd can mark the end of the first phase with the new line-up. We don't have real videos there and we released this dvd in Brazil already, but I don't know when it's going to be out here in Europe, because of the record labels and so on.

Satu - Is there any special songs on the dvd ?

Edu - The dvd shows the same concerts we did on the tour. In Japan we played this very difficult song "Hunters And Pray", very typical brazilian song. We put this song there, because when we recorded the show in 2001 in Brazil we didn't play the song then. We just played it in the end of the tour, like in Japan. So we put this song there for those people who couldn't hear it live. I think this is a special song.

Satu - And then it's a few quick questions from me, 'cos time has unfortunately ran out ! Are you ever coming to Finland ?

Edu - Finland ? I hope so, maybe someday ! Maybe the next tour.

Satu - What is the best place you've ever played in ?

Edu - It's difficult to say. We've played in very different places. Japan is totally different from Germany, which is totally different from Brazil, which is totally different from each show was very special for us. Especially in the beginning of the history of the new Angra. But I could say that Japan was very special because people are very kind there, you can feel it. After the concert we had a signing session with shaking hands and stuff and some people were crying and some were thanking me for coming over there and thanking from the rebuilding of the new era of Angra. So it was very special for me. And especially because I like Japan and my girlfriend is japanese, heh heh.

Satu - Have you played in Sweden before ?

Edu - No.

Satu - What are you expecting from this show ?

Edu - Well, this gig is very important for us, because it's our first time in Sweden. It's a little bit early to sing, but we need to show the people that we're a very energetic band. But I think we're gonna wake up all the people with the screams "come on baby, wake up everyone !".

Satu - We'll hope you have a great show.

Edu - We're gonna make a great show. We are very happy to be here. It's a great country, very beautiful.

After a few quick pictures Edu ran to the stage together with Kiko, who was doing his interview with other magazines near us. Angra played a good show and the swedes loved them. And a few of us finns too.

Interview by Satu Reunanen,

Pictures by Kari Helenius,
(c)2003 RockUnited.Com