INTERVIEW WITH PAULO BARROS, guitarist of the bands Barros and Tarantula.

Jorge: How did this Barros project come to life?

Paulo: Since we were young, me and my brother Luis listen to bands like Deep Purple, AC/DC or Black Sabbath, so we thought about making a project with these influences but also different from what we do in Tarantula.

Jorge: How did you find Rafael Gubert and did you have any relation with him in the past?

Paulo: Rafael is the singer from Akashic, a Brazilian progressive metal band that was produced by Luis in our studio. While they were here, we became friends, and I really loved his voice. So, when I thought about doing the Barros project, I felt he was the guy to sing in it. He has a great talent and he's a really nice person.

Jorge: Tell us a bit about Tommy Newton's involvement on this record.

Paulo: Tommy Newton was the producer for Tarantula in the Dream Maker album. While we were recording in Germany we became friends and I just call him one day and said: "listen Tommy, I'm preparing a new hard rock project, would you like to participate on it?". He liked the idea, so he just asked: "when do you want me to go to Portugal?" I must tell you we had a lot of fun doing this with him.

Jorge: Are you fully satisfied with Gemini? I found the album a bit linear, wiht most of the track very much alike on the sound. How has been the response so far from the media, fans, etc?

Paulo: Satisfied? Musicians should never be satisfied with their work… anyway I think we did some great songs in this cd. We had very good reviews in Spain, Germany, USA, Italy, Poland etc. Of course our goal is to get it better and better for the next albums.

Jorge: This project was born with the aim of being a side-band or do you guys plan to work in this stuff as much as in Tarantula?

Paulo: Yeah, I believe it's possible to keep working in both projects at the same time. We have a good relation with both labels, so as long as there are no problems for them, we'll continue to do this. Hard & Heavy is our thing, so…

Jorge: Tarantula has played in Spain in the past. What were your impressions of your Spanish shows?

Paulo: We've had a great time in Spain. The audience was always great, and everybody has been very kind with us, so we made some great friends, we met some very good bands, and great musicians.

Jorge: Although Spain and Portugal are so close, the lack of knowledge of each others' countries rock scene is evident. I for one am ashamed of that fact. What do you know of the Spanish rock scene?

Paulo: I know lots of Spanish bands. Baron Rojo, Sangre Azul, Angeles del Infierno, Tierra Santa, Mago de Oz, Los Suaves, 91 Suite, Airless, Cadena Perpetua, Pyramid and some others...

Jorge: What about your own country? Could you recommend me some cool bands from there? I just know Moonspell and some melodic rock acts like Faithfull and Nordica... How do you see Portugal's present metal scene?

Paulo: There are some interesting bands coming out. I would say: Anger - nu metal, Evidence - hard rock, Thanatos- schizo-progressive death/trash metal, Forgotten Suns -progressive rock and some others.

Jorge: What band would you like to tour with? Which one you've already toured with leaved you with the best impression, both musically and as cool guys?

Paulo: Deep Purple! We played with them twice and I can tell you: these guys are great! Anyway, I could say a lot more: Saxon, Whitesnake, Dokken, Victory, TNT, Harem Scarem , and…Van Halen!

Jorge: Any plans to play outside Portugal again soon, either with Tarantula or with Barros?

Paulo: I believe we'll play a lot next year. We'll have a new Tarantula album to release, so I think we'll probably have some festivals to play in Europe, and maybe South America.

Jorge: Anything else you would like to say to the fans out there? Speak now or remain silent forever! :-)

Paulo: Keep listening to the best music in the world: rock'n'roll! All the best for you and have fun!

Jorge: Muito obrigado pela sua resposta. Best of luck with your album and future projects.

Paulo: I also want to apologise for taking so much time doing this interview! Take care and … Muchas gracias!!!

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