20 February, Tampere, FINLAND

Backyard Babies stopped their rock caravan to Finland for few gigs. Rockunited was there to witness the bands gig in Tampere. They had two local support bands, Destination-X and Satellite Kids.

Destination-X played pretty basic hard rock; they even covered WASP's Wild Child. Nothing new under the sun but they were a good opener. The band suffered from poor sounds, especially the vocals dominated at times quite a lot.

Satellite Kids were a tad more melodic, but none of the songs that they played really stuck to my mind. A quick poll in the audience showed that Destination-X won the battle of the support bands hands down.

Backyard Babies were scheduled to begin at 11 pm. and they were punctual. The band started their energetic show and the crowd, around 600-700, were into it from the start. They played songs from all of their albums and the band was able to make a good connection with the crowd. Guitarist Dregen seemed to stop for nothing, only when it was his time to sing he managed to stay still for a longer period of time. Mostly he handled the background vocals and his nasal voice complemented that of lead singer Nicke Borg's well in the refrains.

The rhythm section, drummer Peder (who probably has the biggest sideburns in rock these days) and bassist Johan were sweating with the rest of them and the band was giving full hundred per cent. They wanted the audience to take part and that it did, the participation was good throughout the show.

The show was high paced and there was no time for a breather. Nicke told us before the show that they had rehearsed also mid-tempo songs (e.g. Colours) for the tour but they didn't end up playing them. I think that it might have been nice to calm things down a bit in the middle because it really was, as he stated, 1-2-3-4 rock all the way. But then again the people in the front row who went home dripping with sweat didn't seem to mind.

Backyard Babies can deliver a good rock show. They don't offer anything spectacularly new to the scene but most of the people who go see the band don't really care about the flavour of the month, they wanna see a good show. So if that's what you're looking for, make sure to get your ticket when Backyard Babies come to your town.

Review and photos by Petri Kautto
www.RockUnited.com 2004

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