"Oh those Brits!" by Carlsten Schultz of Domain

We were touring with HTP we did a show in Dudley, UK:
We did our soundcheck when suddenly our monitor mixing engineer (a guy from that club) simply went. We kept waiting, maybe he was only heading for the toilet… five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes… after twenty minutes he came back and went on engineering like before, didn't tell anyone, what he had been doing. Later we found out that he was also to cook for that club, and he had to check for the catering - which in fact was great!

Well, during the show that very night, we found out that the only trash bin for the first half of the hall was placed before the PA system on stage. Again: On stage! During our ballad "Wings Of Destiny" – we tried really hard to get the British 'in the mood' – some rather fat woman came walking across the hall and with a loud "clonk!" right in the middle of a very athmospheric and quiet part she slipped her empty beer bottle into the bin! There goes the mood...