"Razzle’s stinking welcome" by Michael Monroe

Hanoi Rocks was leaving from the airport of Turku to do a show somewhere. Razzle had somehow gotten a stink bomb with him and he exploded it right in front of the customs. The smell was terrible and the clerks went nuts, they searched the whole band.

At the same time Whitesnake was arriving to Finland at the same airport and they thought that the stink bomb was meant for them. They’re maneger got really furious and he was asking who had done it. Razzle just said “sorry mate, it must be my socks.”

The bomb was never meant for Whitesnake, it was just a coincidence that they happened to be at the same airport.

Razzle had always something like that going on. When we had one of our very first practise sessions he put fire crackers to Andy’s cigarette. Andy was always asking everyone for cigarettes and and Razzle said: “OK, here you go” and then BOOM! Andy got really mad but he calmed down when Razzle said “hey, come on!”. He was always able to make people laugh at themselves.