"Looks Like An Angel..." by Bill Leverty Of Firehouse

The last night of our first tour with Slaughter in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we got some angel wings, a bow and arrow, and a huge diaper, and put this costume on our drum tech, Grungie. That's all he was wearing, no shirt, no pants, no shoes.

Slaughter's security was looking for us to try to pull something on them, so they were posted backstage. We got Grungie all dressed up and snuck him up from the front of the stage where the whole audience could see him walk up and kiss Mark Slaughter on the cheek, as he sang "Fly To The Angels". The audience went crazy, laughing so hard you couldn't even hear Slaughter playing. This was the best joke we ever played on Slaughter!

Bill Leverty

A big thank you to Bill for sharing this story with us. If any of our readers happened to be in the audience and took photos, we'd surely like to see them, and feature on this page!