"The Doctor From Iran" by Andy Pierce Of Nasty Idols

I was traveling by train late one night to Gothenburg to attend on new years eve party. I sat all alone in a coupeī and drank vodka and juice. Just as the train left the station the door opened and a short dark middle aged man with glasses, looking just like Manuel in Fawlty Towers asked me if he could join me.

I looked at him with a smile and said of course. I was quit drunk and in a good spirit and thought it was funny that a man with this nice and polite look wanted to sit in front of a rock nīroller like me. He told me he was a doctor from Iran and this was his first visit in Sweden. In fact I was the first Swedish person heīd ever talked to.

I thought - Wow! I better teach him what music you must listen to in Sweden. I told him about my band and he seemed very intrested. He had never even heard about hard rock music from where he came from. We had a lot of laughs. I sang some songs for him and he looked like he couldnīt believe what he heard. When the train got to Gothenburg we said goodbye and he promised that he would buy a album of Nasty Idols and show it to all his new friends in Sweden. I thought - Yeah right, dude!

Two months later I was sitting backstage in Gothenburg, just about to hit the stage when our tour manager told me that there was this odd looking man outside, dying to speak to the singer of Nasty Idols. I had no idea what so ever who it could be.

And there he stood - the doctor from Iran with a Nasty Idols T-shirt, longer black hair and a big smile on his face. He sang Nasty Idols songs and was totally excited. He screamed in my ear that he had converted into rock nīroll and this was his new life style. Later I saw him jump in front of the stage when we were playing. He was the wild man of rock nīroll. After the show we invited him backstage. He joined the party and was probably the last man to leave.

The doctor from Iran was born to rock without knowing it - until he got on a train and met the first Swedish person in his life. Long live rock nīroll!