This little story comes from the bass player legend Ricky Phillips!

"WHAT LIES BENEATH" by Ricky Phillips

I was on stage with THE BABYS in Florida and we were sharing the bill with STYX. Everyone was pointing at me from the wings and I couldn't figure out why. This went on for quite some time and by now people were laughing and pointing rather hysterically.

Suddenly there was a flash of light under my feet. The stage was built so singers could see through the stage and hear the monitors placed beneath them. I looked down and saw two-naked-girating women reaching for me through the staging. None of the audience could see this and neither did I until one of the lighting crew rigged a huge spotlight under the stage to get my attention. I forgot where I was, what song we were playing ... it was quite funny.

After the gig Tommy Shaw came up to me and said "Loved your show... what did you think of mine?!!"