This little story comes from Roy Davis of Shy!

"Meat Loaf and A Spot Of Bovver" by Roy Davis Of Shy

Dates back to the days of a Meat Loaf tour that SHY did.

As you know "Meat" was pretty big bloke back in the late eighties, what you may or may not know is that he also quite enjoyed a bit of a "punch up" and if he starts to get annoyed you shift your ass fast!

Well, one night on the tour, I think it was in Brighton, England, and the gig had gone brilliantly for both bands and everyone was in extremely fine spirits. The Meat Loaf lads were all great blokes and we all got on famously on a personnel level and so it was all back to Meat's hotel for a "bit" of a drink etc. Now this hotel was pretty posh and up market (as you would expect for a star Meat's stature) and was full of typical British business men, if you've met this particular breed of obnoxious animal you will know exactly what I mean! Well we're all having a bit of a sing song, Alan Merrill, one of Meat's guitar players was playing Joan Jett's "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" on the piano (he wrote it by the way) and a good time was being had by all.

Gradually, one of the obnoxious suits (British business men) sitting nearby was getting louder and louder in his protestations about long haired wankers and lay-a-bouts being allowed into the hotel. I decided it was about time to enquire about his parentage and tell him to fuck off! Before I could finish the sentence the guy had jumped up and grabbed me by the throat (I was pretty trendy in those days and wore the obligatory "rock star"scarf) dragged me to the floor and was about to start hammering the crap out of me. Suddenly from the other side of the room came a thunderous roar "What fuck are you doing mother fucker" and a charging Meat came flying across the room. He dived on the guy and started to belt the shit out of him, all the time shouting and cursing about mother fucker this and mother fucker that and just about every swear word ever spoken. Obviously all the other guests in the room were now enjoying the site of a world famous mega star beating the crap out of some poor drunken suit! The guy's mates quietly dragged him away apologising profusely in the process. Meat, very satisfied with his few minutes work went back to his drink and I basically went back to the bar. Later, when speaking to Bob Kulick, the other guitar player in the band, he explained to me that this was probably Meat's best moment of the tour so far, he really did enjoy "a spot of bovver".

The next time we saw Meat taking the "law into own hands" was at the final date of the tour at Wembley Arena. We were in the back stage area during the afternoon of the gig when suddenly we heard the by now legendary roar, followed by the opening and slamming of doors. This was followed by a sprinting Bob Kulick be chased by a less than friendly Meat. He certainly wasn't about to buy him a beer. Things were patched up before the gig, but it certainly was a sight to remember.