"Ivory tinkler in trouble" by Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica

We played in Wien with Gamma Ray and everyone who's seen us live knows our keyboardist plays like Jens Johansson, swaying the keys and bending them forward. In Wien he dropped them two or three times on the floor, just crashing down. The roadie brought them back to him, he kept playing and crash, again ! And in Lyon because of this it turned out that the keys were totally jinxed, while playing "Full Moon".

I start singing the intro thing and the keys go dingdongdingdong (higher all the time), it was really confusing ! I happen to have this bootleg where the whole thing is. The bender had broken down and it just started whistling on its own, even that the stick didn't move an inch. The song continued so that Mikko quit playing and continued with Gamma Ray's keys. I looked at Jani and thought what's the point in playing if the song goes higher and higher !