"Is she he or is he she?" by Starbuck of Stoner Kings

Stoner Kings once played a gig in a location which will remain anonymous where there was this one "dude looks like a lady" type in the audience, right near the front, all drunk and dancing around. Now I swear this person was a guy, because he/she sure didnīt have a womanīs figure and it looked like they had a fake pair of cans and a wig to boot, like a drag queen.

I said to the other guys in the band right before we got on stage, "I canīt believe it - look at this transvestite! That canīt be a chick!"

We were rocking out during the set and this individual comes up to the front and starts making gestures and giving me the eye and whatever, totally intoxicated. Now I was totally under the impression that this was really a transvestite and I basically told him/her to get lost and trash talked him/her a bit. He/she was so intoxicated that he/she didnīt even respond, he/she just kept on with what they were doing and we continued with the set.

We finished the last number and walked off stage back to the dressing rooms and then someone told me that he/she really WAS a chick. I wasnīt totally convinced, but I did feel momentarily embarrassed just in case I might have been wrong in my judgement. I still donīt know the real truth behind that case, but they sure had me fooled!