01. Angels Cry
02. Morning After
03. American Trash
04. Whiplash
05. Just Breathe
06. Shotgun To The Heart
07. Never Give Up
08. Cold Dark December
09. It's Never Too Late
10. She’s A K.O.
11. There’s No Starting Over 


2015 Frontiers

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BEAUVOIR FREE : "American Trash"

BEAUVOIR FREE -  and the forthcoming release of 'American Trash' the anticipated new album featuring Rock & Roll veterans Jean BEAUVOIR and Micki FREE on June 5 in Europe and June 9 in North America. Best known as the driving force behind the legendary Crown of Thorns self-titled debut album in 1994, Jean Beauvoir and Micki Free’s collective credits read like a “who’s-who” Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, with a list of collaborations that includes the likes of the Ramones, KISS, Debbie Harry, The Pretenders, John Waite, Lionel Richie, N'Sync, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Bill Wyman, Carlos Santana and Prince to name but a few. The result is American Trash, an album that shaped up as “the continuation of the BEAUVOIR FREE sound as the writing team for the Crown of Thorns debut,” explains Jean Beauvoir. “When we write together there really is this magic. We know we want killer guitar riffs and major melodic chorus... and this is what turns out in our songs, in Beauvoir Free style. Frankly we can’t wait for our fans to hear American Trash as well!”. Find out more about their debut album and the songs. Here's:  Jean Beauvoir

What's the reason behind the moniker of Beauvoir/Free instead of Crown Of Thorns?

Since the change of lineup in 1994, where Micki was no longer a part, we accomplished quite a bit, recorded an additional 6 albums and toured a lot. Tommy is still a part of Crown Of Thorns, so I didn't want to alter what Crown of Thorns is. Nevertheless, Mick and I wanted to do something together, so this was the best solution.

What's difference from recording with Micki Free in 1994 and today?

It's pretty much the same. We work off of each other the same as we did back then. The only difference is this go around, I assumed a lot more duties...!

Your forthcoming album is to be entitled 'American Trash' can you explain the meaning behind this?

American Trash is actually an imaginary strip club... The song American Trash in the album is an homage to strippers and their contribution to the rock world in general... In the song, we talk about this girl little D, who dances who we're mesmerized by as well. It has a double meaning, we also kind of considered ourselves American Trash, not in a derogatory way, but kind of like outcasts, which in many ways we are...

Kindly tell us something about the writing process and what you're trying to capture on this particular album?

We did try to target getting the same feeling we had on the first record in this case. The debut is something we wrote mostly together and a certain feeling was captured.... Different environments, people, situations can bring out certain things. We tried to go back to that place.

Lyric-wise, is it the work of pure inspiration, fantasy, or the harsh reality?

I'd say all of the above! "American Trash" as I mentioned is fantasy, "Never Give Up", is reality and definite message for example, so is "Just Breathe". Some of the other songs are inspired by events, people around you etc.

Tell us something about "Whiplash". It's not the Metallica song, huh?

No, not at all. Whiplash was really about our thoughts on how slaves felt back in the day and what they had to endure. We put ourselves in that situation for a moment and those are the words that came out....

What kind of 'sound', production wise, did you have in the back of your mind prior to recording?

I wanted to come close to the sound I got on the first record. Of course, the budget was 1million plus for that record back then, so not that easy to accomplish... But I think it came out pretty well...

What kind of equipment are you using in the studio? Are you up-to-date or old school?

In up to date! As far as recording, I used a combination off real amplification with simulators, whatever would get the sound. I use Logic Pro, but all instruments were played live, so it was used like a tape machine, but digital..

What's the secret behind a good production?

That's a good question, since that really is based on taste... I find so much that things that may be important to me technically turn out not to be the important thing in the end... My answer would be getting the message and feeling across, if you accomplishment that and people feel the music emotionally, it's a good production.

How do you measure success in this digital era?

It has become a mess... I recently had a #1 Billboard and #1 Itunes world album as a producer/writer. The sales numbers were good, but nothing like what they were in the past... The streaming business has killed sales. It really depends on what genre and what world you live in. Pop, Rock, Jazz etc., they all have their relative amounts sold for it to be considered a success...

Do you pay attention to fans/friends, considering the kind of record they expect from you?

Sometime yes, sometimes no! As artists, we always feel the need to evolve and explore our creativity, especially in the early days... As time goes on, you start to realize what you do that emotionally connects with fans and why... That becomes important to you as an artist, because in the end of the day. That's what we want to accomplish...

Did your record label (Frontiers) have any input or say whatsoever?

They didn't demand, but they did suggest. They felt that if Micki and I were going to make a record together, we should try to recreate the feeling we had on the debut.

If there's anything you'd like to add, say, please do

We thank all the fans for being there all this time and supporting! We hope to get out there live in the near future and really to see you all soon!!!
Jean Beauvoir

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