OK, albums we have dealt with elsewhere, let's go into details and take a look at the songs of 2001!

Kimmo:Like last year, I chose to include only a song per artist on both charts. And trust me, the nationality didn't have anything to do with my top 2 songs, they just blew the competition out of the water! As for the ballads, there was some confusion among us whether some tracks are ballads or not, and some of you might consider a track like "Don't Leave Me In Love" a "midtempo" track or whatever, but hey, this ain't no rocket science, so let's not be too uptight about it!

When it comes to the other charts...well, we do our best to entertain! :)

Bandi: Normally I do not nominate multiple songs from one band to my Best Song of the Year list but as I mentioned earlier the year 2001 wasn't as spectacular as 2000, so to be fair with bands who managed to come up with albums with some really outstanding tracks I had to include more than one song from several artists. As always we separated Ballads from Rockers and I have to add that the top 3 of the ballads are such great songs that they would have easily made it to the top 10 if included in the big song chart. Knowing that most of these bands do not get any airplay or shoot videos, it's the complete album that counts for us old-timer costumers; but the song contest has always been good fun, so go and look around and compare your taste to ours.

1. Giant: You Will Be Mine (Frontiers)
A track from the "Album Of The Year", an all-around favourite that ranked high on most of our personal charts. "YWBM" is a hard rock track with a awesome, catchy and powerful chorus. Add a brilliant production and great musicianship to that, and you have...The Song Of The Year! full review of the album in the Archives!

2. Terry Brock: Up All Night
3. Grand Illusion : Accidentally On Purpose
4. The Rasmus: F-F-F-falling
5. Mr.Big: Wake Up
6. Urban Tale: King of hearts
7. Broke[N]Blue: Oriental Eyes
8. Edguy: Tears of a mandrake
9. Journey: Signs Of Life
10. Under Suspicion: Come Tomorrow
11. Kelly Keagy: Anything Goes
12. Dreamtide: What you believe in
13. Danger Danger: Shot 'O Love
14. Pride: Saviour Of A Broken Heart
15. Grand Illusion: I Don't Wanna Know
16. Tobias Sammet's Avantasia: Avantasia
17. Danger Danger (Ted Poley): Don't Break My Heart Again
18.Backyard Babies: Painkiller
19. Radioactive: L.A Movies
20. Shylock: That Kills Me/Dreamhunter: Bad Attitude


1. Urban Tale: King Of Hearts
A smooth, orginal AOR track with a hook to die for.
2. The Rasmus: F-F-F-falling

The only song my list that has actually gotten airplay on mainstream radio - and lots of it! The band did have a couple of other nominees too, namely "Heartbreaker" and "Madness", but I guess this song was "the big one".
3. Broke [n] Blue: Oriental Eyes

AOR brilliance from Sweden.
4. Terry Brock: Up All Night

Co-written by Mark Mangold, an edgy AOR song with a terrific hook.
5. Giant: You Will Be Mine

And they call this a "leftover"???
6. Edguy: Tears Of A Mandrake

Melodic metal excellence. Big sing-along chorus.
7. Seventh Key: No Man's Land

Hooks that take you by surprise!
8. Ten: Strange Land

Mr. Hughes sure knows how to write them melodies!
9. Under Suspicion: Come Tomorrow

When all the pieces fit...quality AOR.
10. Kelly Keagy: The Journey

A great melodic rock track co-written by Jim Peterik, who seems to be a busy guy these days.

11. Grand Illusion: Accidentally On Purpose
12. Hush: Don't Say Goodnight
13. Dreamtide: What You Believe In
14. Journey: Signs Of Life
15. Dreamhunter: City Of Angels
16. Pink Cream 69: High As A Mountain
17. 91 Suite: Hurt And Pain
18. Bob Catley: Where You Lead I'll Follow/Stormcrow and Pilgrim
19. Royal Hunt: The Mission
20. Chris Thompson: Ticket To Thailand


1. Grand Illusion - Accidentally On Purpose
Bombastic, fantastic and simply marvelous! Need i say more? nah...
2. Shylock - That Kills Me
Melodic hardrock from Germany with a hook that kills me!
3. Broke[N]Blue - Oriental Eyes
This track wasn't even meant to be on the album in the first place. 'Lasse' wanted to include this boring (sorry) blues track 'Big Fat Lie' instead. I finally convinced him to get rid of it in the end though. Thank God! As this is one heck of a catchy AOR song, with marvelous keywork.
4. Giant - You Will Be Mine
The master at work. The chorus feels like a kick to the head!
5. Pride - Saviour Of A Broken Heart
One of those songs you´ll never get tired of listening at.
6. Kelly Keagy - Anything Goes
Turn it up to ten and never turn down again! A kinda simple 'pedal to the metal' tune with some wicked guitarwork.
7. Pallas - The Blinding Darkness
A Classic band with a classic sound! Lovely, sentimental Prog-Rock tune.
8. Annihilator - Carnival Diablos
The Canadian Thrash/Metal kings. Delivers a really spooky title track with some haunting vocals! Yummy!
9. Blackmore's Night - Fires At Midnight
Yummy indeed ! Candice is sweeter than candy and her angelic voice makes this a winner. Sit back, relax and let the magic drift you away!
10. Mr.Big - Wake Up
Eric Martin is d'man! Great vocalist with (finally) some good material.

11. Dreamtide - What You Believe In
12. Terry Brock - Up All Night
13. Journey - Signs Of Life
14. Demon - Sound Of The Underground
15. Von Groove - Lily
16. Radio Silence - Poison Ivy
17. Backyard Babies - The Clash
18. Million - I Know Your Name
19. Rasmus - F-F-Falling
20. Masi - On And On



1. Grand Illusion - I Don't Wanna Know
We all agree the album is great. Somehow others voted for another great track from the album ("Accidentally on Purpose") but the amount of energy these guys managed to squeeze into this track simply blew me away.
2. Dreamhunter - Bad Attitude
Like last year the band came up with some really catchy items. Well done, right on!
3. Danger Danger - Good Time
Just what the title suggests! D2 has always been about great party stuff and this is a darn fine example of that.
4. Terry Brock - Up All Night
Great song, catchy as hell. I can't help to laugh about the tv speaker thing at the end of the song.
5. Brad Gillis - Alligator
Probably my favorite guitar lick the whole year, yes, I'm a sucker for wah pedal sound. This ain't no overpolished AOR, this is stripped down hard rock at its best.
6. Dreamhunter - Gimme Your Love Tonight
Ballad or a midtempo rocker? Well, the rest of the crew told me not to include it among ballads, so the song sneaked in here.
7. Hush - The Restless Ones
Just like the D2 album I had a bootleg copy of the Hush demos for years. Now that they were also officially released, my fave track of the album climbed into this list too.
8. Grand Illusion - Accidentally on Purpose
Here we go. The fave Grand Illusion track of the others made it to my list too.
9. Danger Danger - Still Kickin'
A theme song for bad days! Probably the heaviest and most energetic moment of the history of the band. And it's good even if I love them for the "sunhine feeling" in their music.
10. The Rasmus - F-f-f-falling
Well, yeah. I hate to make our Finnish contributors proud :) but this song lives up to all the big boys.

11. Giant - Oh Yeah
12. Melodica - I'll Never Break Your Heart
13. Baileys Comet - One Love, One Life
14. Dreamhunter - This Time It's For Real
15. Nostradamus - Pieces of a Dream
16. Urban Tale - The Devil in Me
17. Hush - Don't Turn Around
18. Eclipse - I Believe In You
19. Radioactive - L.A. Movies
20. Brad Gillis - Bigger Than Life


1. Come Tomorrow UNDER SUSPICION
2. Signs Of Life JOURNEY
4. Paradise PARADISE
5. Brother Kill Brother SILVER
6. Sunset Station JORN
7. Si El Mundo Tiene Un Fín 91 SUITE
8. Between You And Me MARILLION
9.105 (and Running) GRAND ILLUSION
10.Higher Ground JOURNEY
12.You Will Be Mine GIANT
13.Save Our Love ADRIANGALE
14.Silver SILVER
15.Fire & Ice GOLDEN FARM
16.World Wide War ROYAL HUNT
17.I'm Your Blood M.ILL.ION
18.Don't Wanna Know GRAND ILLUSION
19.Come With Me DREAMTIDE
20.Stormcrow And Pilgrim BOB CATLEY




1. Danger Danger (Ted Poley) - Don't Break My Heart Again
2. Giant-You Will Be ine
3. Mr. Big - Wake Up
4. Kip Winger - Broken Open
5. Grand Illusion - Accidentally On Purpose
6. Kelly Keagy - Anything Goes
7. Rasmus - F-F-Falling
8. Danger Danger (Ted Poley) - Tip Of My Tongue
9. John Waite - Thinking About You
11. Kip Winger - Cross
12. Pride - Saviour Of A Broken Heart
13. Journey - World Gone Wild
14. Danger Danger (Ted Poley) - Shot O Love
15. Heaven & Earth - If Only Love
16. Terry Brock - Up All Night



1. Tobias Sammet's Avantasia-Avantasia
2. Edguy-Tears of a mandrake
3. Urban Tale-King of hearts
4. Iced Earth-The phantom opera ghost
5. Shadow Gallery-Legacy
6. Insania-Lost in time
7. Savatage-Comissar
8. Lost Horizon-Heart of storm
9. Dreamtide-What you believe in
10. Supreme Majesty-Strike like thunder
11.Giant-You will be mine
12. Shylock-Bloodsister



1. Backyard Babies: Painkiller
2. Danger Danger: Shot 'O Love
3. Hardcore Superstar: I Won't Dance - Wanna Know Why
4. The Traceelords: Daddy Cool
5. TUFF: American Hair Band
6. W.A.S.P: Raven Heart
7. Backyard Babies: Colours
8. Sub Urban Tribe: Frozen Ashes
9. Giant: You Will Be Mine

2. Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus: Try To Live Again
A fine ballad from the ambitious "Rock Opera" album that seemed to play the heartstrings of many of us, featuring stunning performance from a cast of super rock vocalists. Full review in the Archives!

2. Giant: Don't leave me in love
3. Urban Tale: One Day (I'll make you mine)
4. Journey: With Your Love
5. Terry Brock: I Should've Known
6. 91 Suite: Lost In Your Silence
7. HIM: In joy and sorrow
8. Pride: If It Ain't Love
9. Sonata Arctica: The end of this chapter
10. Radioactive: Haunt Me Tonight



1. Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus - Try To Live Again
2. Terry Brock - I Should've Known
3. Dreamhunter - Keep The Fire Burning
4. Giant - It's Not the End of the World
5. Eclipse - I Won't Hide
6. Urban Tale - One Day
7. David Glen Eisley - The Ballad
8. Seventh Key - Broken Home
9. Kelly Keagy - Where There's A Woman
10. Radioactive - Haunt Me Tonight
11. Turn - Honestly
12. Giant - Can't Let Go
13. Seventh Key - When Love Is Dying
14. Eclipse - Message of Love



1. Pride - If It Ain't Love
2. Takara - Without You
3. Giant - Don't Leave Me In Love
4. Urban Tale - One Day (I'll make you mine)
5. Eclipse - Message Of Love
6. Von Groove - Heaven Knows Your Name
7. Journey - With Your Love
8. Leonardo/The Absolute Man - This Time This Way
9. Sahara - Over And Over
10. Masi - Writing On The Wall



1. Urban Tale: One Day
2. Giant: Don't Leave Me In Love
3. HIM: In Joy And Sorrow
4. Terry Brock: Should've Known
5. Seventh Key: Broken Home
6. Journey: With Your Love
7. Kelly Keagy: Where There's A Woman
8. Dreamhunter: Keep The Fire Burning
9. 91 Suite: Lost In Your Silence
10. David Glenn Eisley: One Love


1. Sonata Arctica-The end of this chapter
2. Stratovarius-What can I say
3. Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus-Try to live again
4. Silent Force-In my arms
5. Giant-Don't leave me in love
6. Bob Catley-The end of summer (Galadriel's theme)
7. Supreme Majesty-Eye of the storm
8. Insania-Angels in the sky
9. HIM-In joy and sorrow


1. Lost In The Silence 91 SUITE
2. Haunt Me Tonight RADIOACTIVE
3. With Your Love JOURNEY
5. Conciously NEXX
6. No More Tears SILVER
7. Can't Let Go GIANT
8. Chance Of A Lifetime 91 SUITE
9. Lifetime Of Dreams JOURNEY
10.Kiss Me Softly JOURNEY



Turn, a five-piece melodic rock band from South Germany released a five-track EP that lives up to "big bands" like Journey or Styx as far as songwriting, playing, and production goes. The band is soon to lose its indie status as they are currently negotiating offers from 6 (!) record labels for the release of their first full-length album that has already been recorded and will be mixed by mid-February. So stay tuned as very soon you'll hear more from the band. We'll also keep an eye on them...

full review in the Archives!

Other unsigned acts that caught our attention last year:

Jorge's faves Skyline and Nexx, Finnish melodic metalists Altaria...



Best Live Performance of the Year:
1. MARILLION (Anoraknophobia Tour)
2. HOUSE OF SHAKIRA (Nemelrock Festival)
3. SKYLINE (Ritmo y Compás, Madrid, 29-9-01)
4. 91 SUITE (Vinny Records Festival)
5. ADRIANGALE (Nemelrock Festival)
6. HAREM SCAREM/RUBBER (Nemelrock Festival)
7. NEXX (Ritmo y Compás, Madrid, supporting Mitch Malloy)
8. ELYTE (Nemelrock Festival)
9. MITCH MALLOY (Ritmo y Compás, Madrid, 17-10-01)
10.ICE BLUE (Vinny Records Festival)

Surprising Band Of The Year:

Other, non AOR/MHR albums that I liked:

Anoraknophobia MARILLION
Unleashed Memories LACUNA COIL
Worldchanger JORN
Activator VELOCITY

Satu "The Trottel Metal Queen":

Favourite objects of 2001:
1. Plastic sword or if found from my last crusades; Excalibur
2. Viking helmet
3. Dragon Heart-movie
4. Dragon puppy, named Draco
5. A map of the Midlands
6. A pvc jacket hammered with nails and a dragon in the back
7. Magic ring
8. Lord of the rings-anything really
9. Dark crystal
10. Falkor
11. Fantasia

1. To/Die/For-Epilogue
2. Joe Lynn Turner-Slam

Strange encounters, yet good
1. Kip Winger-Songs from the ocean floor
2. Maudlin of a well-Bath/Leaving your body map
3. Elvenking-Heathenreel
4. Saga-House of cards



Favourite Actors:
1. Bender
2. Cartman
3. Krusty The Clown


Guilty pleasures - pop tracks:
- Last year the pop scene didn't really have much to offer - most of the "radio hits" were rather annoying (Kylie Minogue anyone?). Well, I did like the Backstreet Boys' "Drowning", Faith Hill's "There You'll Be"...and I can't think of any others now.


Instrumental Albums

1. Bjorn Lynne - Gods Awaken (Proximity)
2. Tony MacAlpine - Cromaticity (Shrapnel)
3. Vinnie Moore - Defying Gravity (Shrapnel)
4. Dweezil Zappa - Automatic (Favored Nations)
5. Tony G. Hernando - High (Vaso Music)
6. Joey Tafolla - Plastic (Mascot)
7. Tony Baena - Burning Spirit (Vinny Records)
8. Michael Schenker - Dreams and Expressions (Steamhammer)
9. Jill Yan - Guitar Garbage (Indie)
10. Chris Poland - Chasing the Sun (Mascot)