Cure For Your Disease


1 "Cure For Your Disease"  2. "Sign Of The Times" 

3. "Twice Shy Once Bitten

4. "Fight For Your Life"

5. "Doghouse"

6. "Baby Believe Me"

7. "Love Addiction" 

8. "Killing Yourself To Live"

9. "Got Me Where You Want Me" 

10. "Rock Renegades" 

11. "Take It Easy" 

12. "So Predictable"

Black Rose/ 2010 - now available for download from all the major music stores like: Amazon, itunes, emusic, etc. 

Recorded in the U.K. between 2007-2009 by the four original members of the band: Steve Bardsley (vocals), Chris Watson (guitars), Ian Iredale (guitar) and Mal Smith (drums), with the addition of Kiko Rivers on bass.

BLACK ROSE - the NWOBHM cult act (Neat Records - geordie boys!) are now finally returning to the scene of the crime with their first brand new material studio album in 24 years!!! Holy crap! "Cure For Your Disease" is apparently the... ehem, cure for your disease? as they originally reformed in 2006 with four of the original members after the release of an "Anthology" CD on the Majestic Rock Records (see review in our archives, check also out the BLACK ROSE 'Just For The Record' Interview about the 1986 album 'Walk It How You Talk It). The new album is so far only available as download from all the major music stores (Amazon, itunes, emusic), but... surely there must just be a matter of time? We had a quick chat with the lead vocalist about "Cure For Your Disease" as well as past and present things, here's STEVE BARDSLEY...

First question, pretty obvious, why has their been such a huge gap between records?

Steve: Well we split up in 1989 and went our separate ways, most of still doing something within the music business, with the exception of Mick (Thomson) who found God and packed it in all together, which was a shame cos he was a fantastic bass player. We all got married, had families and day jobs, so it was never the same as it was when we were younger and ambitious. Then in 2003 I got back in touch with Chris and even though we now live miles apart, we both said how much we'd missed being part of the band and wouldn't it be cool to do something again. But time passed and nothing really happened apart from inspiring me to set up the Black Rose website, ( ) until we got a call from Geoff Gillespie, the founder of Majestic rock records and he wanted to release a CD of our old material. That kind of sparked us into life again and of course, as you know Wally, the Bright Lights Burnin' CD was released in 2006 and we started to write the new album.

What's it like to get the "old" gang back together and record new music in 2010?

Steve: It's been fantastic, it's been great to talk about the good old days and I've really enjoyed writing rock songs again, something I hadn't done for a few years and now I feel like a big kid again. We all love the new stuff and we're really looking forward to playing it live in the near future. It wasn't a conscious decision to do this it just kinda came about, but we're really glad it did.

So what happened towards the end of Black Rose the first time around?

Steve: Hmmm....this still pisses me off when I talk about it but, we were supposed to be going to the USA to promote the Walk It album but some other band in the States with the same name decided to seek a lawyer and slammed an injunction on us if we tried to tour or promote on American soil, and they also threatened the record label with a massive lawsuit unless all of our albums were taken off the shelves. To be honest after being on such a high and then shot down in flames it was the beginning of the end for us

What's your new record "Cure For Your Disease" like in comparison to your previous ones back in the eighties?

Steve: Musically I suppose it's a more mature sounding Black Rose, a bit more bluesy, but it's still got balls. Production wise it has more punch than some of our old records but that's mainly down to the new technology that's around now and also I had total control over the sound and even though I'm no sound engineer we think it sounds pretty good.

Any overall theme of mood that you're trying to capture while writing songs? Any favourite songs and lyrical highlights on the new cd?

Steve: Nah not really man, it just all came flooding out after years of being locked away LOL! Well it's not a CD yet, just available for download at the moment from all the major music stores, but you never know. Lyrical Highlights hahaha.... man have you ever listened to any of my lyrics ?? LOL ! Hey I try..... but I ain't no John Lennon. I like all the songs but for different reasons, probably because they're fresh and new but mainly just cos it's nice to have finally got this album done and out there.

How has the reaction to your new music been among friends and fans?

Steve: So far so good but it's only just been release so it's early days yet and we've not had any reviews in the main rock mags or online fanzines yet so we don't really know what the big wide world thinks yet..... Your copy is in the post by the way Wally :).

What's a successful album anyhow? being pleased with your work or the commercial aspect? And are you looking to release this yourself or are record companys/labels welcome to get in touch?

Steve: Our days of wannabe Rock Stars are now long and truly gone unfortunately, so for us it's all about being pleased with what we've done..... and we are, we just hope that other people will like it too cos that's always a nice bonus. We have released it ourselves and it's out there now readily available to buy and download from the likes of Amazon and iTunes, but if a record company (large or small) wants to release it as a CD then of course we'll listen to offers.

Who are your influences and heroes? (music-wise)

Steve: When it come to my personal influences there are probably too many to mention ( Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard ) but when I was a young guy I remember going to see this then unheard of band at my local Town Hall and was completely blown away by their sound, enthusiasm, charisma and how they just fuckin rocked...... they were called AC/DC. I was always a big fan of them after that but my all time hero has to be a certain Mr.David Lee Roth, cos that guy, even though he's not the best singer in the world, just oozed showmanship and I was in awe of him when I saw Van Halen live.

What's your favourite 1980's albums?

Steve: Man that's a tough one.... I had loads of albums back then and at the time I bought them they were all my favourites. Even though it came out in the late 70's Van Halen's début album was fucking awesome and I remember thinking I've never heard anything like that before, Eddies playing ...Wow..... Pyromania by Def Leppard was another amazing album, as was Number of the Beast by Maiden, I played that fucker to death.

What's the best/worst thing about being a musician?

Steve: For me the ability to entertain people, either on stage or by producing songs and for them to enjoy what I do, is by far the best thing. I suppose the worst thing is being criticised by people who don't really know what the fuck you're all about and don't really understand the feelings you have being part of such a wonderful thing..

You are in a balloon with Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Jonathan Ross and Simon Cowell - who would you throw out as ballast and why?

Steve: LOL ... well I'd keep Jamie cos I think the guy is funny and a great cook as is Nigella but she's also hot (don't tell the wife I said that). Wossy is a funny guy too so it would have to be Simon Cowell, cos apart from the fact I think he's ruined the music industry with his pathetic false cardboard pop bands... he's an arsehole.

What 3 words describe you best?

Alexx: Rich, Good Looking... erm ....I'm Kidding! LOL! Honest, Reliable and dedicated ..... fuck that sounds like a job interview haha

What is your guilty secret?

Steve: It wouldn't be a secret if I told ya would it ? ..... haha

What song(s) do you identify with the most? (sorry, you can't pick one of your own)

Steve: That's gotta be 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down' by Elton John. I used to sing it when I sang cabaret after I left the band, it's my
wife's favourite song and the lyrics are fantastic.

What are your future plans for Black Rose?

Steve: We're looking for two lead guitarists to join Mal, Kiko and me to go out and gig to promote the new album. Unfortunately due to logistics neither Chris or Ian who played on the album can be part of the live band so we have to find a couple of guitarists who can do them justice. We have one guy who is keen to do the job, and he was involved with Black Rose in the very early years so he might be doing something with us, but nothing is finalised yet.

If there's anything you'd like to say, add, promote, please do:

Steve: Yeah just that the album is out so go download a copy and hopefully we'll be doing some live shows soon. Cheers Wally
Regards - Steve Bardsley.

Interview by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom/