Last week it was announced that newly-founded SunCity Records would release not one, but two albums of unreleased Blue Tears material. This required futher investigation, so emails started flying...and both BT mainman Gregg Fulkerson and SunCity's David Moors were kind enough to shed some light into this.

1. Whatwhenwherewhy?! The BT demos that have been doing the rounds in the demo trading circuit and internet are about to see the light on Sun City Records. Exciting news, but why now?

Greg: Why not now? Ha....I have been thinking about releasing them for a long time...I saw one on ebay about 2 weeks ago for 105.00...a horrible bootleg with awful sound...the names were all wrong, etc. This will surely put a stop to people selling inferior versions of our music.

David: Why now you ask, well, I kept seeing these bootlegs go for soooo much on ebay so I thought I would try and get in contact with Gregg Fulkerson and he was all for it!! He was thinking of a way to get all his unreleased material out for the fans to hear and he thought Suncity Records would be perfect for this.

2. Have you done a lot of polishing and dusting off with the tapes - can we expect quality stuff soundwise?

Greg:There was really no polishing to do as these songs are coming directly from the master recordings...the masters are digital, therefore it sounds exactly like the day that we recorded them.

David: The Blue Tears material that we will releasing will be remastered/remixed straight from the DAT tapes and trust me mate, they sound GREAT!! Nothing like the crappy bootleg versions. The sound is just out of this world!! The production is as good as the Debut album in 1990 on MCA Records!!

3. You also gave a hint that this might be a new start for the Tears. Can you shed any light into that comment of yours?

Greg:I'm keeping that under wraps right now...more or less...let's just say that these two cd's will be a great lead-in to something even greater this summer...if you get my drift.

4. What is going on with Attraction 65? I felt that you had real potential and a sound that would suit the current musical climate.

Greg:Attraction 65 was Blue Tears...just a very deep version of it....I exorcised alot of personal demons on that that i've got that out of my system, I'm ready to get down to some fun, rockin' new material for Blue Tears...wait, did I say that?

5. The last time we spoke you mentioned a solo album, if I remember correctly. What about that?

Greg:Well, the solo record isn't going to happen, I've found a better home for my new material...

6. Last but not least - the Sun City site didn't list "Date For Destiny" among the tracks to be featured on the album. Please, do tell me that we'll finally get to hear that track in its' original, over-the-top format! That would be too cruel to have the other tracks released and not that one! :)

Greg: I'm leaving that up to the people at Sun City....they really know what they are doing...these people are just wonderful to work with and I truly hope we get to work together alot in the's some good advice to all you young rockers out there....send your music to Sun won't be disappointed...they know great music when they hear it and they are fabulous people...

David: A Date with Destiny will be released on the second cd which is titled "Dancin' On The Back Streets".

Interview by Kimmo Toivonen,