April 4th 2003, Tampere, Finland

About 1 200 people came to see a Children of Bodom show on an evening that many heavy metal fans will remember for a while. Before Bodom hit the stage Norther, a heavy metal band from Helsinki, started the evening. The band played rather well but they suffered from poor sounds and it took the edge off of their performance.

After a while COB started their show and if Norther suffered from poor sounds that wasn’t the case with Children of Bodom. The band looked and sounded good and the crowd went bananas when they started after a short intro. The atmosphere was really intense and the people were enjoying themselves. All in all it was pedal to the (heavy) metal all the way and the show was fun to watch.

During “Silent Night, Bodom Night” and “Lake Bodom” COB really showed what they’re made of. The band was tight and the fast guitar solos really hit the spot for me. After those songs the crowd calmed a bit but the sing-alongs and the band’s performance left little time for rest.

The band ended with a cover song. A fast version of The Ramones’ “Somebody Put Something In My Drink” was a bit disappointing, I didn’t really see the need for it in the end. Their version was somehow stale and the high tempo didn’t work with this song. Still Children of Bodom delivered a good heavy metal show and when they stuck to what they do best I’m sure people got what they expected from them.

The set list (one or two might be missing):
Intro - Needled 24/7 - Hate Me - Silent Night, Bodom Night - Lake Bodom - You're Better off Dead - Bodom after Midnight - Angels Don't Kill - Towards Dead End - Red Light in My Eyes pt.1 - Kissing the Shadows – Every Time I Die - Hate Crew Deathroll - Downfall - Somebody Put Something in My Drink

Children of Bodom Website

Text and pics:
Petri Kautto

and Marko Eteläniemi

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