A Special Ruisrock Interview with the bassist Of Bomfunk MC'S!
8 July 2001, Ruissalo, Turku, Finland

Just for the heck of it, Petri decided to interview the bassist Ville of Bomfunk MC's...and us being openminded and everything (though, how to put it nicely, not particulary fond of the bands' music), we're running it...he seemed to be a cool enuff guy, and that "Dee Snider" comment melted our resistance... take it away, MC Pete...

I think no-one has not been able to avoid Bomfunk MC's' single "Freestyler" which was one of the biggest selling singles in Europe last year. The bands' bassist Ville turned out to be quite a nice guy so I asked him a few questions. Here's what he had to say.

AOR-E: I saw you buying an ice cream from an ice cream booth in Tampere (Finland) two weeks ago. What are the odds of me still seeing you eating ice cream in Tampere this year?
Ville: A tough question. (laughs) Well, it depends on the weather. If it stays as sunny as it is today my ice cream consumption can be quite high. And you can still see me buying an ice cream in Tampere because we don't start touring abroad until autumn.

AOR-E: "Freestyler" was huge. What now?
Ville: Dee Snider. (laughs hysterically) No, really. We have quite a few new singles to choose from so there's a lot to look forward to. So plenty of "dope" and "shit" to come as they tend to say these days in the Finnish rap circles

AOR-E: When's the new album gonna be released?
Ville: At the moment we're talking about August. Of course the schedules can change but that's what we're aiming for. It'll be released this year.

AOR-E: You've toured Europe so far…
Ville: And Australia and New Zealand.

AOR-E: Right. Let's ask a question that you would normally hear in a job interview: Where do you see yourself ion three years?
Ville: In a job interview. (laughs) Naah, actually we're in such a stage at the moment that the next two albums are gonna determine the future quite a lot. I'm always gonna be involved in music business but where and at what level remains to be seen. Let's just hope that everything works out well. And it's gonna work out well, no doubt about that.

AOR-E: You've been in the frontline of Finnish music abroad together with HIM. You feel that this is gonna continue?
Ville: I hope so, but I would be glad to see some other bands make it in the foreign markets. There's a lot of potential in the bands and now that the Finnish managers and record companies are gradually starting to get connections abroad it naturally helps also other bands to get a shot in the European markets.

AOR-E: OK. Let's end with the most important question: Tappara or Ilves? (Two rival hockey teams in Tampere where Ville lives, important to know in the region)
Ville: (laughs) Hmmm… KooVee (a hockey team in the lower divisions)

AOR-E: Good answer. That's all.
Ville: OK, thanks.

Petri Kautto,