By the time you read this A2 records will have released the long awaited follow up to Robin Brock's superb and successful debut album "Blame It Rock N Roll". The red head ladies new album is called "Hidden Power"and has been produced by Keith Olsen (Journey) and features twelve brand new cuts which are all superb.

Joining Robin are Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson, Scorpions drummer James Kottak, guitarist Tim Pierce and Randy Bachman amongst others, so how can one ignore such a calssy line up and song as this? You cant, so I decided to have a little chat with Robin so read on and but the album.....

Nicky : - Hi Robin I have to say "Hidden Power" is a fantastic album, can you tell me how you pieced the album together and which are your favourite songs and how did you get my mates Jeff Pilson and James Kottak involved in the project?

Robin - Thank you so much Nicky. I'm really proud of this album. When it came time to think about doing another album, I was really at a loss as to who I might get to produce it. I thought about using an unknown but was really going back & forth with that. I couldn't make a decision. My manager said if you could have anyone produce your album-cost aside, "who would you get?" and Keith Olsen was at the top of my list - but I never dreamed he would ever want to work with me. I had met Keith in Colorado a few years before, and he had heard the first album, "Blame It On Rock & Roll" and saw something. He figured Jeff, James & Tim were the best guys for this project and miraculously were available.

I had most of the songs ready before I got in touch with Keith, then got the opportunity to write with Randy Bachman and Alan Roy Scott. I think I had 16 songs all together.

My favourtie songs - that's so hard - I love them all for very different reasons. "I Surrender", "You Let Me" and "I'm Doin' Fine" are at the top of the list right now.

Robin Nicky : - Have you had any unsavory experiences being a good looking women in the music industry, or has this worked to your advantage?

Robin : - No, so far I've been really lucky. I just think of myself as one of the guys (laughs), so I don't consciously think about my looks.

Nicky : - How do you feel about exploiting your looks and sexuality, or do you firmly believe that only the music should do the talking? (after all, image is a very important part of the music scene).

Robin : - Yes image is very important. But this current standard image that you have to be beautiful and look like a model is total crap. It totally overrides the talent aspect, and face it if you don't have talent you only have a certain shelf life. I think lately in the industry they've gone overboard and those that happen to be beautiful and talented aren't given the credit they deserve. It's so esthetic, everyone looks the same, sounds the same & does the same thing - clones. Boring. But to answer your question, in a perfect World I'd say yes music should do the talking. But that's not reality.

Robin Nicky : - Can you explain to our readers how you got started in the music business, please share with your tips on what to do to make it in the music World?

Robin : - I joined my first band in high school and we played wherever we could. After graduation I decided I wanted to really go for it, so I learned as much about the business as I could, went to seminars, made as many contacts as I could - I learned about songwriting, by books and by critiques. I met producers and writers and sent out hundreds of demos to try to get a record deal. All were rejected. As for tips? You have to be the best at whatever it is you do. Don't compare yourself with anyone else. Everyone is unique in their talents. Focus on that. Believe in yourself and find the right people who believe in you too - they're out there. It can be a brutal business but do what you feel is right.

Nicky: - Have you done anything prior to your excellent "Blame It On Rock and Roll" debut?

Robin : - No full length albums, a number of 3 song demos.

Nicky : - What's the craziest thing that's happened to you since you launched your musical career?

Robin : - I was performing in Romania at the Golden Stag Festival. It was incredible - high security - machine guns everywhere. We were led to the stage by soldiers w/machine guns. Before I went on, the soldier taking me back stage asked for my autograph. Then his superior came over and gave him hell. We performed with helicopters circling above the stage. Then I got a fan letter a couple of years later from a Romanian doctor asking me to marry him. Bizarre.

Nicky : - Are there any other famous musicians in the business you would like to write and/or perform with?

Robin : - Oh yes, Bryan Adams; I would love to write with Richard Marx. I would love to sing a duet with either of those guys, and Joe Elliot - I love his singing! I really think it would be fun and quite an experience to write with Mutt Lange, Paul Stanley or Gene Simmons - I would love to see what makes them tick. Jim Vallence, I heard he's a character to write with.

Robin Nicky : - What are your current goals in life, both personal and musical?

Robin : - My musical goals: to tour, to get my music everywhere in the World. To sell lots of CDs, do a video or two for "Hidden Power," to improve at everything I do. To write with as many writers I can and have fun. To put out awesome music that will inspire and make people feel good.

Personal goals: I would like to learn to appreciate and enjoy my achievements more, instead of saying okay, what's next. I need to lighten up - I know I'm too serious sometimes.

Nicky : - There are thousands of artists trying to make it out there - what do you think you have to offer that would make someone who hasn't heard of your music buy it?

Robin : - I think my music is thought provoking - a lot of people can relate. It makes you feel good but it's not fluff. I am different physically - I am not a bone rack, and I am not a trend follower; I leave my clothes on and let my music do the talking - I'm different from what's out there - there are very few "rock" singers who are female anymore. I guess you could say I have attitude, but I have no chip on my shoulder about being a female and I don't play the victim role either and yet I am not a bitch. I'm very complex.

Nicky : - Who are your inspirations musically and spiritually?

Robin : - Musically: Bryan Adams, Kiss, The Eagles - Spiritually: When I hear about anyone in any profession coming from any type of circumstance, beating the odds, that really inspires me spiritually. Hey if they can do it.

Nicky : - How long have you been singing and what made you become a vocalist?

Robin : - I have been told I was singing before I could even talk. I sang lways - I have memories of my sister yelling at me: "Stop singing so loud" I couldn't help it - I loved it so much. I would pretend I was on stage all the time and when I was asked to sing a solo in the school choir I knew there was something beyond my control happening.

Nicky : - What's in store for the future? Will you tour on the back of this record?

Robin : - Yes! Please get me on that stage. I find that I start to whither when I am away from live performing for too long. It's been much too long. I'll let you know where and when - when I know the details. The New album "Hidden Power" will be released on Sept. 24, 2001. It's really an exciting time.

Nicky : - Is there anything you would like to say to your fans out there?

Robin : -Yes, thank you so much for all the support you have given me. If you liked "Blame It On Rock and Roll," my last album you'll love "Hidden Power." My new website is up and it's very cool. Check it out and tell your friends and family. - Sign my guest book and send me a message. I'll see you on the tour. Soon!

Interview by Nicky Baldrian

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