German metal band Clusterhead released their first album earlier this year, and our contributor Lasse rated it quite high in his review. He wanted to know more about the band, so we thought about putting him into a plane and sending him to Germany to investigate. Thankfully with this new technological invention called "the internet" he was able to conduct the interview by e-mail, and we didn't have to send him over. It's very ecological, this "internet"...

How did you guys meet?

Well we all have known each other for a long time before, because we´re living in the same area.
It´s too long ago so we got actually no remembrance when we first met.

Why did you guys start to play together?

We all played in different bands in our region. Frank and Ruediger played in a band from 2000 to 2003. Rene has played in a band with Ruediger too from 1995 to 2000. In the end it´s a fusion of many experiences we had collected all over the years.

Musical influences?

Most of the influences are surely coming from the 80s and 90s. Bands like Judas Priest, Metallica, Kiss, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Gotthard, Pantera etc. The 80s and 90s were great times for Rock and Metal.

Who is the boss in the band?

We think it´s very important that there is no boss. All members have the same rights. We do all things together as band and decicions are only made when all members have the same belief in something. We think it´s a good way we walk.

What has been your greatest live performance?

A great experience was to open for US Power Metal heroes CAGE in Munich last April. Sean Peck and his bunch were very kind and they are a great band to support. They did a brilliant show and we did our best to keep up with them ;-)
We also played with a Rammstein – Tribute band called “Stahlzeit” in our hometown in front of nearly 1000 people and they´ve got such a big show. You always think it´s the Original. The sound was great, the guys were cool too. And it was a great after-show party. Just a perfect evening.

And the worst?

A few weeks ago we were playing with a support act. We had the soundcheck at first and then the support-act entered the stage after us for their soundcheck. They were all so friendly and told us we could leave our Equipment on stage to save time when their gig was over. So after the soundcheck we decided to eat something and rest for a while in a restaurant near the festival stage. As we were entering the stage we did only a short line-check. As our show was starting the sound was so terrible. Whatever we were doing the sound was just a big fuck-up. After the show we started to investigate why the sound was so terrible and located that Frank´s effect-board was manipulated. We don´t know why people do things like that, because we think bands should play together and not against each other. This experience was disappointing for us.

Best gig you have been on as a fan?

Rene: Rammstein, Rock Im Park in Nuernberg
Frank: Ozzy Osbourne, Rock Im Park, Nuernberg
Andy: Metallica – Rock Im Park, Nuernberg
Ruediger: Rush, Roll the bones – Tour 1991 and KISS Alive in Munich this year

If you would have to choose, then what is the greatest rock album of all time?

Rene: Gotthard – G.
Frank: Ozzy Osbourne – The Ultimate Sin, Metallica – Master of Puppets
Andy: PANTERA – Cowboys from Hell
Ruediger: RUSH – Hold your Fire, AC/DC – Back in Black

Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath?

Definitely Black Sabbath. The Godfathers of METAL.

Favorite drink?

We are living in Bavaria. BEEEER !!!!!

What do you guys do on the road?

When we´re on the road we always have fun. We got such great persons and friends with us who are helping in any way to make every live-gig perfect. It´s never boring cause all of us are a little crazy and there´s always a real cool mood between us.

Is there a funny story behind the name?

We´ve been asked very often about the meaning of “CLUSTERHEAD”. And we only got one answer herefor. It sounds good. The idea for the name was born by our bassman Andy. One morning he came home totally drunk and had only one goal: the toilet. Under the pressure of alcohol he literally puked out the vision of the band called “CLUSTERHEAD”. This was the beginning.of everything J

Where do you get inspiration for your songs?

Look at our world and what we are doing to it. All of our lives are getting faster and faster. We all are standing under enormous pressure and we don´t think it´s gonna get better. The result are lyrics like “Human Factor”, “Times of no Trust”. The music always comes straight from our inner feelings. The lyrics are mostly reflecting the dark side of life. Bad things happening in this partly sick world are delivering enough material to wríte lyrics for 5 albums.

Do you have “inside pranks” that you pull on each other?

Oh yeah there are many inside-pranks but no everlasting running gag.
We´re always kidding on each other. It´s always a big fun we have.
But there a too much to list them.

What do you do on your spare time?

Which spare time ??? To be honest, apart from Andy everybody in the band is married or in a relationship so we spend most of the limited spare time with our loved ones.
And for sure going to concerts and listening to some rock and metal.

What is the weirdest thing that has happened on a gig?

A real weird thing is that our Bassman Andy is able to play his instrument without any monitoring. We all are non-stop in contact with the stage mixer. But not THE BASSMAN. He does a great job without hearing what he´s playing. We think that’s really weird.

When is the next album coming out?

At the moment we are working out new ideas. We think in the middle of 2009 a new album could be possible. But it´s very important to bring out an album when we got enough good songs and not bring it out just for the release´ sake.

And last but not least. What is your band motto?

Live and die for R`N`R and METAL. It´s our attitude of life.

And a big horns-up to all metal fans in Scandinavia!!! Check us at, you won´t regret it!!!

Interview by Lasse Korpi
Photos provided by ArtistWorxx & Clusterhead
16 September 2008
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