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RockUnited.Com is a website specializing in hard rock, melodic metal, AOR, glam and various other sub-genres of rock. It is run by a group of dedicated rock fans. During its' first couple of years, the site was called "aor-europe.com".

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Kimmo, the Chief Ed!

Kimmo Toivonen (Finland) - A founding member

Kimmo is running RockUnited's Headquarters in Raisio, Finland. He is the Art Director and co-editor of RockUnited,and responsible for the layout, the design, not to mention all sorts of weekly routines like putting together the material for the updates and transfering the files to the server.

Along with Urban, he is responsible for keeping contact with the majority of record labels, and he's also the man to talk to about advertising possibilities. Apart from pure AOR sounds, he is into melodic metal, hard rock, glam, some modern rock and things inbetween.

Before RockUnited.Com/AOR-Europe Kimmo was the founder and chief editor of Loud & Clear, this site's longest running predecessor.

Contact: Kimmo Toivonen,

Mailing address:
Kimmo Toivonen
Tryskikuja 1 B 7


Urban "Wally" Wallström (Sweden) - A founding member

the former editor of Catchy Hooks. As a co-editor of RockUnited Urban is responsible for keeping contact with independent artists and many labels, and he is our main talent searcher. Urban is hosting the column A&R Department and is running RockUnited's Swedish Office. He is the Scando referent of the webzine and probably from all the crew he is the most "open" to different genres and new sound (hint where to send the grungy stuff :))

Contact: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom,

Mailing address:
Urban Wallstrom
Box 71
962 03 Mattisudden



Alan Holloway (UK)

Alan is from the South West of England and has been a rock fan for over 25 years and a rock journalist for ten. He loves nothing more than relaxing to classic Eighties AOR like F.M, Shy or Def Leppard, but is equally at home with the likes of Saxon, AC/DC and Iron Maiden. Since joining with Rock United he is getting to hear about more and more cool European bands, and is now an avid follower of Brother Firetribe and Wig Wam. He has written a brilliant (he says) but as yet unpublished romantic rock comedy called "Sex Gods From The Planet Metal" which is available to Rock United readers free of charge on request. "I am very proud to be part of something as brilliant as Rock United" he says, and who are we to disagree.

Contact: Alan Holloway,

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Alan Holloway
6 Alma Street
BS23 1RB


Martien Koolen (The Netherlands)

Martien speaks for himself: "Being in the team now for several years I can say that I really enjoy “working” for Rockunited. When I started my writer’s career (back in 1990) I was mainly interested in hard rock and metal. Later on I also “discovered” the progressive side of rock music and now I really have become a prog metal fan and I consider Symphony-X and Enchant to be two of the most underrated bands ever….. My 3 favourite bands of all time are still Dream Theater, Rush and Queensryche, bands that I consider to be highly original and I would even call them trend-setters for modern rock music. I was active as a reporter for a few Dutch magazines like for example The Aardschok and also for a few English ones. I still visit a lot of concerts, are very fond of doing interviews and I like to listen to music for at least 4 hours a day... I truly hope to be able to do this work for a very long time to come; rock on dudes...

“We are only immortal for a limited time.” (N.Peart)"

Contact: Martien Koolen,

Mailing address:
Martien Koolen
Boostenstraat 27
The Netherlands


The Bailey Brothers (UK)

Mick and Dez Bailey were born and raised on planet rock. In a career spanning three decades they emerged from TNWOBHM to international stardom via TV, Radio, and Journalism but most importantly as live performers. They have also added song writing/Musicians and recording artiste to their long list of achievements. Their band Baileys Comet enjoyed a debut release in Europe and Japan and then went on to tour with former Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin fronting the band.

The Bailey Brothers helped launch Metal Hammer magazine in the UK, they wrote and featured in a two page feature in every issue for almost 6 years.

The Baileys as writers/presenters and co producers transformed a low budget TV show into MTV’s top rated programme. Their unique style and knowledge of the music scene was a hit with the stars and the fans. Guest interviewed include Kiss, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Guns’N’Roses to name but a few. David Bowie was also a big fan of the show and phoned the Baileys personally to invite them to announce him on stage at a show in England and hang out with him and his band.

The Bailey Brothers Rock Show was networked in the UK and once again attracted the big guns such as Whitesnake.

After many years on the road the Baileys progresses onto the theatre circuit playing the London Marquee, Hammersmith Odeon, Lyceum, Astoria, Brixton Academy to name but a few. They were soon elevated onto the festival circuit and were a huge success at the Donington Monsters Of Rock. Appearing on the bill and performing to One hundred and fifteen thousand fans. Their reputation as the peoples choice confirmed and the response from the crowd lead to more appearances at this level in the following years.

Apart from their success as writers with Metal Hammer magazine, Mick and Dez continue to write and contribute for many publications and web sites as their quest for breasts continues world wide. Having built up a strong bond with many stars over the years the Baileys always manage to pull out an exclusive so stay tuned because you just never know what the Bailey Brothers will be up to next? For a more detailed background visit www.baileybrothers.co.uk.

Contact: The Bailey Brothers,



Mira Suutari-Toivonen (Finland)

Kimmo's wife Mira has been a background contributor of the site ever since it all began. For the last few years, she has taken most of the live photos for the site.

Mira's preferred musical styles are Glam Rock, Melodic Metal and Melodic Hard Rock. Powerful hard rock ballads are closest to her heart. Her favourite bands include Fair Warning, Michael Bormann, Zeno, Danny Vaughn, Gotthard, Winger, House Of Lords, Def Leppard, Steelheart, Talisman, Tyketto, Europe, Jaded Heart, Mad Max, Bang Tango, Cinderella, KISS, TNT, Whitesnake, Brother Firetribe and cute Finnish monsters: Lordi (just to name a few...). She also enjoys 80's and 90's pop-rock.

Contact: Mira Suutari-Toivonen,

Mailing address:
Mira Suutari-Toivonen
Tryskikuja 1 B 7


Endre "Bandi" Hübner (Hungary) - A founding member

Bandi is a former correspondent of Loud & Clear, Catchy Hooks and Vigilante. Bandi contributed to all the three predecessors of RockUnited/AOR-Europe, and the launching of this site was his vision come true. Bandi has relocated from Hungary to Hong Kong and not actively involved at the moment.

Contact: Endre "Bandi" Hübner,


Satu Reunanen (Finland)


Satu was introduced to us by our former team member Christian. She handles mostly the Helsinki-metal scene, also reviewing the heavier music, festivals and shows. Satu writes for the famed Finnish metal mag/website "Imperiumi" sometimes as well.

Born to hippie-minded family, Satu grew up in musical surroundings by records and instruments. She will always pay gratitude to her parents for introducing her to bands such as Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Queen, Uriah Heep, Blue Öyster Cult, Russ Ballard, Rainbow, Pink Floyd, Rick Springfield, Journey, Foreigner, Heart, Magnum, etc. Watching her brother play guitar day in day out and taking lessons herself, guitarists caught her attention too; Gary Moore, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jeff Healey, Marty Friedman, John Norum, Richie Sambora, Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoads, John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen. And along came blues, 80's metal, aor, thrash, speed, death, white, glam, gothic, power, funk, progressive, etc. And the endless list of todays bands; finnish metal, Angra, Blackmore's Night, Royal Hunt, Dream Theater, Edguy, Dragonforce, Evergrey, Lost Horizon, Labyrinth, Savatage, Kamelot, Shadow Gallery, Masterplan, Fair Warning, Giant...

The main thing is melody. And women in rock deserve the same respect as men.

Contact: Satu Reunanen,

Mailing address:
Satu Reunanen
Bronrinne 3 as. 14
FIN-02400 Kirkkonummi



Kari Helenius (Finland)

A fine photographer, many of the live shots on this site are his handiwork.

Contact: Kari Helenius,

Kari's website: MetalPhotos.Com


Additional contributors:

Dan Mann
Petri Kautto
Janne Neuvonen


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