Crazy Lixx - The next superb Sleaze act from Sweden??? Well, they are certainly up for the challenge and their upcoming CD will hopefuly provide us all with more goodies in the style of the first single "Heroes Are Forever". We had a quick chat with Danny (vox), Vic (gtr), Luke (bass) and Joey (drums) and this article will mainly serve as a short introduction of the band.

So, we got started with a background check. How long have they all been playing together as a band and who the heck is responsible for the Crazy Lixx name?: "The current setting has been going strong since the summer of 2005, but the core of the band started out in early 2003. Danny took the name from a toy guitar he had as a kid, it was his first instrument and it played hard rockin' riffs and licks when you pushed the "bars"."

They've recently released their first CD single at SwedMetal Records. Are they pleased with the result and backing from the label?: "It's a bit early to tell, just havin? made the first release, but SwedMetal have always been good 2 us. Even before we had a deal they booked gigs 4 us and helped us out with useful pointers and tips".

We asked them to fill us in about the story behind the song "Heroes Are Forever". They all die young?: "Well, it's not meant to be taken literally (but in some cases they actually die; Rhandy Rhoads for example). What it means is that all the bands and rockers we looked up to growing up are gone, if not dead then they've went on doing other stuff. You can't compare the music of Bon Jovi or GnR during the 80s and 90s with the crap they're producing today. It seems that becoming well renowned takes away the spark that makes rock bands so great. So in a sence, they all die young".

How important are lyrics then. Crazy Lixx doesn't exactly preach the old 'doom & gloom' message(s) from the past 15 years of rock (listening to the b-side of the single "On Your Marks, Get Set, Rock"): "Lyrics ARE important to us, just maybe not in the poetic emo/grunge/ I'mabouttoslitmywrist-way. If the lyrics don't make U feel anything, be it joy, anger or sadness or whatever, then the song is useless. It's just we're a bit more ?HEY! YEAH! KiKKaZZ!? than "Jeremy Spoooke in?". Well, we all agreed upon that rock is about enjoying yourself, you know, let your hair down, throw a party, kikk some azz!!!

Some folks would probably name-drop CRASHDIET in the same sentence as CRAZY LIXX. How do they feel about the comparison.: "Well, it's honouring ´cause they're a great band, and it makes sense as we have the same target audience as them. Musically we're two rather different bands, but we do share some of the basic influences. Obviously we were all devastated when Dave Lepard (Crashdiet's vocalist) died, it's always a tragedy when someone that young dies. When it's someone you know, even if only a little, it's very hard to grasp."

We had to bring up the influences question (Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, KISS, Shotgun Messiah) and Crazy Lixx told us it would be pointless to deny these bands as strong influences, but that they also draw lots of inspiration from the likes of Bon Jovi, Whitesnake and Judas Priest.

But does the term "Sleaze" still mean anything in the year of 2007: "More than ever, It's become a common denominator for a bunch of styles from the 80's/early nineties. People are always complaining about style definitions because you can never quite nail it in a word, but in the end it's still how we define ourselves". When they're out on the road, playing gigs, does the average hardrock fan care about finding out about "new" bands?: "They do. Not all of them, but many are curious and enthusiastic".

They guys told us that their CD will be finished anytime now (they're still in the recording studio) and to simply get in touch at the site below to book them to play at your place (anytime, anywhere). Keep a look-out for the lads in the future.


Interview by Urban "Wally" Wallstrom,
Photos borrowed from the band's website:

9 February 2007 (c) 2007