D-A-D, a band probably best known from their late 80’s hit “Sleeping My Day Away” and their name dispute with Disney, is still in good shape. They’ve released a new album “Scare Yourself” and the title song is getting some airplay in the radio and at least in MTV Up North. Their tour brought them to Tampere and the guys were eager to promote their new album also live.

At a first glance the band looked pretty good. They played well and they got the crowd going and seemed to interact rather well with the people. Their drummer handled quite a lot of backing vocal duties and it was good since he had a voice that brought life into songs. Their bass player had dressed up like an ancient Roman soldier and he kind of stood out from the rest of the band. A fun fact about his playing was that he only had two strings in his bass. That alone would be an endless source for bass player jokes but no need to get into that now, because obviously they’d managed to tune his instrument well because he sounded good too. Their lead singer Jesper Binzer led his crew with experience and overall everything was ok.

The band must love their new album quite a lot since the first part of the set consisted mainly of songs from “Scare Yourself”. The crowd seemed to like the new material but they weren’t overwhelmed with enthusiasm. To band’s credit I must say that “Alright” sounded a lot better live than on the album, they delivered it to perfection. Unfortunately the other songs from the new album didn’t work that well for me.

After 45 minutes they took a short break and then went on to play older stuff which most of the crowd seemed to be waiting for. “Everything Glows” got some of the people going and songs that were more familiar to people really heated up the place, and during “Bad Craziness” they got the first few rows jumping up and down. But soon after that it was all over. The crowd was cheering and waiting for more songs and for the band to come back but instead they got The Ramones from the loud speakers. Not that I have anything against The Ramones but when you’re waiting for your favourite songs from the band that is performing The Ramones is not your favourite option to hear.

D-A-D played a lot of stuff but they left out most of their hits from their hay days. They didn’t play a single song from “No Fuel Left From the Pilgrims” and only one song from “Riskin’ It All”. Their decision left a lot of people unhappy and you didn’t have to look too far to hear people listing songs that they would have liked to hear. Personally I was disappointed too. I know that it might get a bit old for the band to play the same songs over and over again but that’s what most of the fans want to hear! Sure it’s great that they have a new album out and many people like it but if a band has a history then they shouldn’t forget it because the fans sure don’t. D-A-D could’ve easily given the people the climax that they were anticipating by playing just a few of the old hits. Instead they left behind a confused sold out crowd of which many thought they didn’t get their money’s worth.

Review by Petri Kautto

Pics by Pekka Taipalinen