The Eagles flew to our city to do two shows and I guess they were both sold out or so. I was at the first show on Friday. Ok, this is one of the bands that I have always wanted to see. I really don't listen to The Eagles that much but hey, one can not avoid hearing "Hotel California", "Desperado", or Henley's "Boys of Summer" and many other classics.

The guys are old and the show was so booooring. Ballad after ballad and if it wasn't for Joe Walsh, the gig might have been a total disappoinment. He was the only one who showed some effort to entertain the crowd. I guess they're just collecting money with this tour, nothing else. It surely seemed like that.

The volume in the Arena was so low that people were screaming to make it louder and Glenn Frey played most of the time with his back to the growd. [Bandi: It's because the majority of the crowd consisted of the neighbouring Old People's Nursery Home and they don't hear so well anymore... and poor Glenn just didn't want to see the old bags. LOL]
The guys do sing pretty well and to hear the classics live is something different, and now I can say that I've seen them live...

They started the show with Hotel California and for the first hour it was just ballads, well a couple of up-tempo songs, but really boring. They took a half hour break and promised to come back and "rock some more" (I didn't see or hear any rockin' on the first half). The beer I had during the break didn't help either.

They came back and started the next part of the show and they did raise the volume a bit and I noticed a little more movement on the stage, but still not much of anything, except the songs. People had chairs on the floor and everytime someone wanted to dance the security made them sit down, only after the first encore people were allowed to dance.

I really don't remember all of the songs they played but it was the most boring show I've ever been to, and not even the great songs could save the evening for me. "Desperado" was the final song and the one song I really was waiting for was "Get Over It" at least it has some rockin' in it. They played from 20:15 - 23.10 with all the breaks and everything, so it was a long show, and we got something for the money we paid for the extremely expensive tickets.

I should have brought a pillow with me. Old farts with just money in their mind, nothing else. Well, I've seen The Eagles play live so I'm one more experience richer again.

[Bandi: This whole thing sounds like an "over 40 lonesome hearts" gathering in some dusty little town in Kentucky... You got that mental picture, right?!]

By Vesa Nuorala,