Edenbridge released one of more interesting melodic metal releases of 2001, an album called "Arcana". Kimmo interviewed the band's mastermind, guitarist/keyboardist Lanvall, an discovered that the band is full of AOR fans!

edenbridge1. Where do you come from, what have you been up to prior to Edenbridge...a brief history please!

We are from Austria. Sabine and myself are from Linz and the other 3 guys are from Vienna, 200 kilometres apart. Before Edenbridge I had a solo deal and released 3 solo albums. They were symphonic guitar rock albums with a lot of new age influences, also with big church choirs. Edenbridge then started in 1998 and developed itself out of another band project I had before. In 1999 we recorded our debut “Sunrise in Eden” on a self-finance basis and sent it to about 30 record labels around the world. 2 weeks later we had the deal with Massacre Records. We went on tour with Pink Cream 69 and Axxis in November/December 2000. In July 2001 we started the recordings for our second album “Arcana” which came out in November.

Edenbridge2. Who do you consider as your influences?

I like a lot of metal bands, to name my favorite ones I would say Dream Theater, Symphony X, Shadow Gallery, Royal Hunt and Fair Warning. I also like classical music a lot, good new age music like Vangelis and Gandalf. So itīs a wide variety of influences.

3. I've gotta ask about Nightwish - your style is quite similar, although I found it a bit more appealing for a melodic rock fan like me. Are you often compared to them, and how do you feel about it?

The comparisons primarily took place with our debut, cause journalists always tend to put you in a drawer, when a new band comes out. So it was cheap and near to put us in that drawer, although we are totally different. Yes, we do have a female singer too, but compare the two voices and you wonīt find so much similarities. Nightwish is a great band, we played one show in Vienna last year together and we have a good relation to them. Sabine and Tarja both took part on the Infinity album.

4. "Arcana" has been out for a couple of months - what has the reception been like?

Fantastic. We got highest points in all the magazines and the sales seem to run very well.

5. Are you satisfied with the album yourself? What would you do differently if you had a chance?

Iīm very satisfied. The production is really powerful and all the details are coming out very clearly. An album is always a momentary point of view of a band. We did the best out of it, so therefore Í wouldnīt change anything.

6. Any touring plans? Who would be your ideal touring partner?

Our label is checking something for us at the moment, but nothingīs fixed up till now. I think we have to wait a few more days. The ideal touring partner ? I donīt know, but maybe a band where we can reach a lot of people, but donīt nail me on names.

sabine7. You have a female singer. How is she dealing with being in the same tour bus with a bunch of hairy dudes? Or is she the one keeping you guys in control? :)

Itīs no problem for her. When we are rehearsing we are all living together for a weekend and it is no problem. We also had no problems on the first tour. I think she doesnīt have to keep us under control too (ha,ha).

8. Are you total metalheads or what kind of music do you listen to yourselves?

I told you my favorite ones before. Sabine likes AOR and melodic metal, also musicals and singers like Sarah Brightman and Celine Dion. Kurt likes a lot of prog-rock like Yes and Rush. Roland likes heavier things also death-metal stuff and Andi listens to everything between pop and metal.

9. So...now that you're being interviewed for an AOR webizine, do you consider it as the low point of your career? There goes the metal credibility? :)

No absolutely not, cause I love AOR. Europe, TNT, Walk The Wire, Magnum, Fair Warning, Robby Valentine, Dare and many more are an important part of my collection and I am happy that we can also attract a lot of AOR fans with our music.


Interview by Kimmo Toivonen,
Photos borrowed from www.edenbridge.org