More fuel to the Fire!

L&C meets the new guy in Firehouse - Bruce Weibel

1. You're the newest member of Firehouse, how did you get the job?

I met Bill at a club in Sarasota. He would come in and jam on Satriani stuff.

2. Tell us something about yourself, former bands and so on.

I played with the Gregg Allman Band for 10 years. Did "I'm no angel" and "Just before the bullets Fly", both on Epic Records. Got a gold album for "Angel". I also played for the Marshall Tucker Band for a time. And passed the audition for Captain Beyond but didn't take the gig.

3. Who are your favorite bassplayers? I want to ask this because we have a few other bassplayers lined up for an interview in the near future.

Marcus Miller, Stu Hamm, Jeff Berlin.

4. You have done a few shows with Firehouse already. How has it been, and how have the fans reacted towards you?

The response has been wonderful. I was afraid at first what with Perry being in the band for so long but everyone has been very welcoming.

5. What do you think about the music scene and especially hard/melodic rock scene these days?

Music is always evolving. I like the way it has been going. I love groups like Limp Biskit and Kid Rock.

6. Do you guys have bigger touring plans, especially concerning Europe?

Don't know just yet.

7. I thought that the latest from Firehouse was the best album of last year. You must be proud of the album. Did you have much to do with the writing or was it just Bill and C.J?

Well thank you! The writing was already done when I joined the band but wait till the next one. [Ed: ...just keep the Limp B. influences away, please...]

Where do you see Firehouse in the year 2005?

A little older but still rocking!

We always have to ask something about Finland, so here is the mandatory > Finland-related question: I don't know if you know but we're really into > hockey here. Could you name at least one Finnish NHL-player (there > are a few really famous ones).

I know nothing about hockey, or any sports for that matter. Sorry...