In today's music scene, Brother Firetribe stand out as a bit of an oddity. Instead of being one of the hundreds Gothic or "Emo-rock" acts drowning in their own misery or one of the hundreds "aggro-metal" bands with tattoos, combat boots and an attitude to match, Brother Firetribe are in it for fun. F-U-N! Remember that thing? They have catchy songs you can easily sing along to, and their lyrics don't have too much death, tears or pain at all... and what's more, they seem to have good time on stage! Last Friday (8 September, 2006) RockUnited.Com witnessed the band's second ever gig in Turku, at Klubi.

The support act for Brother Firetribe was a band called Deathlike Silence. As the band's name suggests, their music was a bit less cheerful than the headliners', but they weren't quite as gloomy as you'd think. They call their music "undertaker metal", but it seems that they aren't "dead serious" about it. The tombstones and the shovel (!) on stage were pretty cool touches, not to mention the top hats both of the guitarists were wearing as they kicked off their set.

The band's "undertaker metal" is gothic-flavoured metal with melancholic melodies. Vocalist Ms. Maya was clearly the center of attention with her strong stage presence, although towards the end of the gig the lead guitarist Mr. Cerberos stole the limelight with some good ol' guitar hero antics, like playing his axe behind his neck. Not bad at all! The songs that caught my attention the most were the opener "House On The Haunted Hill" and the band's heavy cover of Deep Purple's "Perfect Strangers". Check out the band's website for more info: (it's in Finnish though).

Before, between and after the two live sets we were treated to some classic 80's metal, hard rock and AOR tracks by the DJ's IC and Thunder. These two guys know their stuff and played a lot of cool tracks, some of which were apparently selected by the Firetribe guys. You don't often get to hear stuff like Zeno or Tobruk in a club, so thumbs up for these guys. Check out their website at for more info and playlists.

As the clock struck midnight, it was time for the headliners. The album opener "Break Out" was chosen as the live show opener as well, and it worked well with its' bombastic intro and shout-along chorus. The band was obviously enjoying themselves from the start, and so was the audience. The place seemed to be quite packed and most people seemed to know the songs, helping the band out with those chorus vocals.

"Lover Tonite", one of my favourite songs was the second song of the set, and it sounded great too. Overall, the band sounds a bit heavier and less polished on stage than on CD, but that's only natural... unless you were to rely on tapes and other tricks. There wasn't much need for taped backing vocals though, thanks to bassist Jason Flinck. He did an excellent job providing harmonies to all of the songs.

One of our photographer Mira's definite favourites, "Devil's Daughter" was played next, followed by the first ballad of the evening, the majestic "Spanish Eyes". It was the familiar synth intro of the hit single "One Single Breath", tinkled by keyboard wizard Tomppa Nikulainen, that got the crowd really going though. It seems that radio is still a force to be reckoned with, such was the response to this song.

Vocalist Pekka Heino was an excellent frontman and had a good contact with the audience. The latest addition to the band, drummer Kalle Torninainen proved to be a solid drummer. Too bad he was a bit too far back there to be photographed, obscured by the symbals from where our photographer was standing.

Guitarist Emppu Vuorinen showed that the countless gigs with Nightwish have made him a true professional entertainer, not to mention a virtuoso guitarist. He has a way of making his playing look totally effortless.

The heavier "Kill City Kid" went down quite well too, but "Midnite Queen", the one song that has been freely downloadable from the band's site proved to be another favourite. I guess you can't ignore the power of internet either! If Spinefarm are to release a third single from the album, I have a feeling that it might be this song...

"Valerie" and the other ballad "Love Goes Down" were played next, and needless to say that they were very enjoyable. Two days prior to the gig BFT released their second single "I'm On Fire", which closed the set. Although I haven't heard it on the radio yet, it seemed to be one of the most popular songs of the set. Even the DJ's IC and Thunder seemed to be bouncing up and down in their "ivory tower" DJ booth!

Even though all of the songs from the CD had been played, nobody was willing to let the guys pack their instruments and leave. The reports from the previous gig in Helsinki the day before lead us to believe that the band still had a couple of aces in their sleeve, and indeed they did. The first encore number was a brand new song called "I Am Rock", and if the reaction from the crowd is anything to go by, it is a HIT with capital letters! The song is a heavy track by BFT standards, but an instantly catchy one along the lines of "Heaven's On Fire" by Kiss or "All We Are" by Warlock. A foot-stomping anthem! It's also the theme song of a comedic TV-series about a rock band, to be aired in Finnish TV later. Look out for a special appearance from someone you know...

The last song of the set was another familiar one, a cover of Cheap Trick's "Mighty Wings" from the classic TOP GUN soundtrack. Although I really like the original, I must say that Firetribe's version is even better, with a good dose of energy injected into the song.

After the gig we had a quick chat with both Emppu and vocalist Pekka (pictured below with RockUnited's Mira). Who both seemed really pleased with the turn-out (about the same as in Helsinki) and their own performance. According to Emppu, the previous show in Helsinki had been a good one but naturally the excitement of the "first time" was a bit overwhelming - in Turku the anxiety was pretty much gone and they really enjoyed themselves. That was easy to see from the audience too!

Report and Deathlike Silence photos by Kimmo Toivonen,
Brother Firetribe photos by Mira Suutari-Toivonen,

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