The last time I saw The Gathering, their new album "Souvenirs" had not been released, and the set mainly consisted of "old" songs. This evening the Dutch triprock band kicked off with the beautiful new track "Golden Grounds", which featured Anneke on guitar.

After that splendid overture The Gathering surprised everyone with an up-to-date laidback version of "Nighttime Birds"; the titletrack from the album that the band released in 1997. As to be expected most of the songs of the setlist came from the last cd, among which the mysterious "Even The Spirits Are Afraid", the favourite song of Hans, the drummer. "These Good People" transfered the audience into a trance and the ballad "You Learn About It" proved me that Anneke belongs to one of the best female rocksingers in the entire world!! "Monsters" is probably one of the rockiest songs of this evening and here the band really show their excellent musicianship.

After the regular set The Gathering treated us to a spectacular version of "Black Light District"(the title track of the mini-album from last year)and Anneke and co left the audience in anticipation for more. Unfortunately the set ended and The Gathering were off to Spain, Italy, France and Germany to conquer Europe with their amazing triprock music. I am sure that this tour will kick some ass in these countries and pave the way for a very successful career for our Dutch triprockers. I can hardly wait for them to come back to the Benelux for more shows.

Interview by Martien Koolen,
Photos by Robert Blok
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