Loud & Clear visits AOR Heaven...Georg Siegl Interview

Our flying reporter Vesa chose Georg Siegl of the famed AOR mail order shop as his next interviewee. Here's the story!

- Can you please tell me a little about the history of yourself?

- Why did you start AORheaven? To be honest - it was the lack of money why I started my mailorder. I spent about 500-600 DM per month for buying Cds and as we built our house I had to look for a possibility to make some extra money. I always had the plan to do something in the music biz as I know guys like Magnus Söderkvist or Mark Ashton since a long time, but that was the initial thing why I started AOR Heaven

- Is it just you and your wife that keep AORheaven alive or do you have some help? It must be a lot of work to run AORheaven just with two people if that is the case?

It's just me and Monika with some help from a couple of friends / journalists which help us with our catalogs/newsletters.

- So far every time that I have ordered from you I get the order in 2 days, which is unbelievable. How many CDS do you have in your stock?

We do have 95% of the stuff which we're advertising in stock - as a Cd buyer for many years I was always pissed of that nearly every mailorder need for ages till they could deliver what they had advertised - that's what we want to make much better !

- Where do most of AORheaven customers come from?

About one third is from Germany, the rest from all over the world.

- Where do you order the CDs that are in your catalogue?

>From wholesalers in Germany, Netherlands, Japan and the USA and directly from a lot of bands.

- Do you think that AOR will hit the charts again and if yes what are the bands that might do it?

I don't think that there will be any chart success for one of the "old fashioned" AOR bands - the majors don't care about it !

- What are your favorite bands?

- Journey, The Storm

- Is there a band that should get more exposure than they do, an unknown band maybe?

-I hope that bands like Frontline, Steelhouse Lane or Harlan Cage can get more exposure - they deserve it !

- Where do you see the music business is heading for? Is it more MP3's and so on?

- I think stuff like mp3 and so on is the future - the internet is the future and this software is the best way to handle it.

- Any last words to our readers, other than come and buy your Cds from AORheaven?

- Keep it pink & fluffy and you're welcome at AOR HEAVEN !