We could say in spiteful way that both artists performing in Warsaw`s Proxima are trying to earn as much cash on their past as possible. Both had got the chance to play in very famous bands (now considered as rock legends), with sales volumes MUCH above their solo releases. But to be honest we can`t say that without Deep Purple and Scorpions world wouldn`t have heard about Uli and Glenn. They`re both very talented musicians and just got luck to be a part of rock giants.

Uli Jon Roth was performing for over an hour - during his part he showed us his unique technic of playing guitar and proved that he`s falling in love with classics. He arranged rock versions of songs by Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach and Bethoven. He was wearing very tight leather suit and funny hat with huge feather and he was looking like medieval musician. His performance was almost instrumental only - he almost killed his seven-string guitar and the dudes from the band weren`t worse. In the end of the show they played one and only song with vocals - coming from Scorpions era "Polar Nights". Uli ended his show with a superb version of Beethoven`s IX Symphony. He was very modest - right after the show he was talking with guys standing close and giving away many autographs.

Glenn Hughes sweared that he will play very special set of songs for the Polish audience, a set which will include songs from his whole career. He probably succedeed but he put it in chronological way - he started with amazing, dynamic and unforgettable "Stormbringer" from the mighty Deep Purple. "Voice Of Rock" knew so well which band gave him him fame and opportunity to travel with shows around the world now, `cause purple dominated not only in colour of the lights.

Many people were surprised that all songs composed by Hughes were played in such a heavy way. Deep Purple`s songs sounded like pop tunes. Even the very gentle "Medusa" - oldest composition performed by Hughes this evening from 1970`s first LP "Trapeze" - sounded so hard`n`heavy. Glenn was ill during Warsaw show but if he hadn`t confessed about that fact probably noone would have recognized it. He was in perfect form and he built a great agreement with an audience that loved him. He was even interested in score of the Polish football team `cause a match was taking place same time as a show.

After three songs from his solo career and two more from "Trapeze" times the whole evening was filled with compositions from the Purple era - we had the opportunity to hear "Might Just Take Your Life", "You Fool No One" and "Getting Tighter" in a very long version that also included themes from "This Time Around" "Sail Away" and zillion other Purple songs from 1974-75. He was filling every song with crazy and interesting improvisations. The last song before the break was the best one from "Come Taste The Band" LP - superb "You Keep On Moving" where unforgettable double voice from Hughes and Coverdale was replaced by ...... few hundred throats singing whole song. When Glenn jumped off the stage the crowd didn`t let him leave. We were all waiting for "fire with turbo charge". Before performing biggest Deep Purple hit "Burn" - Grzegorz Kupczyk (famous polish hardrock singer) jumped on the stage - just like Coverdale years ago. They performed it with standing ovation from the audience. Glenn also included a theme from "Mistreated" singing by himself - and I have to admit it was the best version of "Burn" I`ve ever heard (Demon Drive sux).

Glenn Hughes didn`t disappoint Polish fans. His part was a little bit too short but it was in connection with his health problems. What is he gonna play next time when he`ll be in perfect condition? I`m sure that I`ll check him once again.

Michael "Batsy" Klima

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