1. Let Me in Katie
2. Bang!
3. Get Up 'n' Move On
4. Feel What I Feel
5. C'Est la Vie
6. Jump the Gun
7. Spread Your Wings
8. I Won't Look Down
9. My Belief
10. Maybe
11. Red on a Sleeve
12. What You Get
13. Mr. Ticket Man
14. Thank You

2013 G Records / PIAS

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"Bang" is the fourteenth studio album of Swiss hard rockers Gotthard. It is also their most “experimental” album so far and their second album with vocalist Nic Maeder. The album will be launched on 11 April in Zurich and Gotthard will be playing a couple of summer festivals and in the fall they will go on a European tour. But first Nic had to answer these questions about their new album.

How have the reactions to your latest CD been?

The reactions were really great, all listeners were really very positive and I have not read a negative or bad review so far.

How long did this CD take to make from start to finish, recording-wise?

We started writing in February 2013 and the actual recording began in September of last year. The mix and production was done in January of this year.

What kind of sound, production wise, did you have in mind, prior to recording the new CD?

A really good sound, ha ha….Actually we had nothing in mind, just an ordinary hard rock sound. The sound had to be catchy, typical Gotthard with lots of melody and power as well.

What kind of input did the producer have during the process?

Charlie Bauerland is a really experienced producer as he has already worked with great bands like Rage, Saxon and Helloween. Charlie became a friend and he really was a team player. The connection with Leo, the co-producer, was really great right from the start. Charlie encouraged us to stretch ourselves artistically and to experiment more; so we ended up with songs like Spread Your Wings and Thank You. Those tracks really are different if you compare them with the older Gotthard material.

Are you pleased with the final outcome?

Yes, very happy indeed. Bang turned out as a great album. The music on Bang is better than before and the songs sound so much better. My voice is also different than on the previous album as we had more time to work things out better.

Plisse inform us about your favourite songs on the album

That is always a difficult question as I like all the songs of course, ha ha…. The album is so fresh and we just finished the album so…. But if you force me to make a choice then I would have to say Spread Your Wings…

Good choice, my favourite as well. Your voice in that blues rock song has definite Coverdale characteristics, dies that bother you or is it a compliment?

That is a great compliment, thanks, I love Whitesnake.

What can you tell lus about the meaning behind the title “Bang”.

We first had the song with that title but then we thought that Bang might be a great title for the album as well as it really sounds great and snappy. Bang is a party song so Bang is also a party album. The title just fits to the album combined with the cover, it is perfect. Just bang around the world is our motto, ha ha….

How would you describe the new CD to any potential new fan?

It is an album with lots of rock elements and it is our most experimental album so far. The songs are a good mix of rock, hard rock, blues and party rock tracks. So, play it loud and enjoy.

Who are your influences and heroes?

Personally I am a real AC/DC fan. I have loved them since I was eleven and I wanted to become a guitar player when I was young. However as it turned out I became a singer, which is also great.

How does the working process of Gotthard look like?

Normally we start with writing the music and then we write lyrics. As a matter of fact I write most of the lyrics, so…

Is it hard to write lyrics anyway?

Yes, it is, sometimes at least. I get my ideas for lyrics from my personal life, or may be better said, life in general.

How important are lyrics for Gotthard?

Kind of important, yes, not always though. Sometimes the lyrics just fit phonetically with the music. In fact it is all about love, life and death actually, so rock on, ha ha..

This is your second album with Gotthard, do you feel at home with everything already?

Yes, I feel very comfortable in the band. The fans in fact accepted me right from the start, so.. After the death of Steve the band really had a hard time, but we are really tight now. I feel at home with Gotthard and the music is becoming better and better.

When does the tour start and where?

I really cannot say that off hand, ha ha… please take a look on our website. The launch of the new album Bang will be in Zurich on 11 April. In the summer we will be doing some festivals and we are really looking forward to that.

Any DVD plans?

Not at the moment I am afraid, but we have talked about it, so…

How popular is Gotthard in Switzerland?

We are the biggest and most popular rock band in our home country. That is for sure. We play mainstream rock and we are doing all right.

Thanks for your time Nic and good luck with the album and the tour.

Thank you for taking an interest in Gotthard.

Interview by: Martien Koolen
Photos from the artist's agency, by Martin Häusler.
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