He came back from the brink of death twice and decided to pick up a guitar and release his feelings into music. The result is a new release with 50% going back to the hospital that helped save him. The Bailey Brothers introduce you to Harley Hanson...

Harley, You have travelled to many destinations round the world before settling in Norway, what were you searching for?

Iíve always been a restless soul trying to find my path in life, always looking for the next goal or dream. I think from an early age I just wanted to be somebody and experience every walk of life.

What made you choose Norway as a permanent place to settle down?

I just came here in the summer of 2001 and fell in love with the place; itís a very relaxing life style and a good and safe place to build a home base.

So briefly tell us how you first discovered you could sing and put lyrics to music?

I guess I always had a problem expressing emotions and after seeing so much in this world I needed a way to let it out so I started putting my feelings on to paper and then I got the urge to buy a guitar and the rest just came together, singing is the only way Iím breathing ,just keep telling the world what Iím feeling :-)

Did you write to backing tracks?

in the start, I started re-writing other peoples songs for demo albums, then once my guitar skills improved boom! I had my own style.

When did you first put your own music and words together?

I think the first time was after a break up, I could never tell what I felt then played my guitar and the words n feelings just come pouring out.

You had a major scare with your heart during 2009. This would be life changing experience tell us what happened?

In 2008 the doctors found I had a AV block level 3 witch basically means my heart stops when it wants and they had to fit a pace maker in Knowing I could have died at any time was the worst feeling in the world, it made made me look back on my life and see the things I did wrong and all the all the dreams I never did Once I was back on my feet I decided that life is about living every dream no matter what, Lifeís too short for waiting for tomorrow; you could say I reinvented myself.

Do you look at life through a different window now, like more appreciative?

life is simply a gift and most of us are too blind and stressed to see it most of the time, yes IĎm appreciative for every day.

Letís move on to the new album ďWhen My Guitar criesĒ. Did you have all the songs written beforehand because I know you write on an acoustic guitar?

Over the years I have written many songs but on the album everything was written with guitar in hand.

Who was responsible for coming up with the direction and tempo of the songs?

With the help of David at Audio Vision Studios Norway we put together the direction of the songs which was a long process and a lot to learn on my part.

Are you happy with the way the songs came out?

Of course as one album is finished I feel the next one will be bigger n better, Iím happy with the way the album was done but as an artist, I think on the next album I would like to sit down with the musicians and express where and how I want this song to go and interview my own musicians and get them to feel my aim for the song.

Had you already decided to do this album before any label or sponsor support?

Yes I know that no matter how much it cost I would do this to express myself, it took me one long hard year but it was all worth it. I hear Helping Hands Records have helped you get this release to the stores and down load sites. Helping Hand records helped me produce the album and get it on the internet market. All the stores and radio coverage I have done myself with the help of a PR team and a good friend Annette Fisla Lislerud, just driving up n down the country talking to radio stations n shop owners.

Donating 50% of the profits to the hospital Fredikstrad that helped save you, thatís quite a large chunk; why did you feel you wanted to give half of the profits away?

Iím not in this for the money. I just want to put meaning to my life and make a difference ,they saved my life and made me realise about how short life can be so if I can save one life itís all worth it.

In the UK youĎre donating 25% to The British Heart Foundation from the down loads and sales it must feel good to be able to contribute to a good cause?

It feels amazing! It also gives me a lot of energy to push for higher greater things ,if you can do something great with your life while giving back at the same time now that's something to be proud of.

How would you describe your album because I reckon its more Rick Springfield style soft rock than a hard rock album?

this album is the beginning of my journey, I think itís a soft album but very easier for the listener to relate too but my ideas are flowing so I think the next album steps up a little bit more.

What are your music influences?

Think my main influences are GOOGOODOLLS , DREAMPOLICE(NORWAY) and I listen to a lot JOHNNY CASH, AC/DC and MOTLEY CRUE.

Do you intend to do any live shows to support the album?

Iím starting to work with this now, talking to bands to see if we can put on a tour or charity concert , but Iím pretty new at this game so searching for help and guidance on that one.

I hear the album is getting good National Radio air play and you have had National TV interviews in Norway?

We are in the process of TV interviews at the moment, the radio air play is great at least every day. Iím also starting to work on music videos.

Are you still on a learning curve as far as the music scene?

Iím on level 1, every day I learn something new, every day thereís another obstacle to overcome, its hard work when all you want to do is write and sing but at the moment Iím manager promoter advertiser all in one, it never ends.

What are your plans for the future?

The most important thing for me now is to keep writing and expermenting with my music, it would be nice to find an agent and label to help take the load off me and help me get out there but until then, I just keep going, making music and showing the world you can live your dreams its just hard work.

Thanks for the interview and messages for the fans?

To all of you that send me mails of support and to all my fans that love the music I thank you all so much for being there, we take this journey together and I hope my music inspires you all to push for what you want in life and never give up.

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Interview by The Bailey Bros, baileybros "at" rockunited.com
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01 September 2010
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