VK CLUB, BRUSSELS, 11.03.2001

The Hellacopters is supposed to be one of the biggest names in the Swedish rock scene. Apparently the people in Belgium don't know that since only about 200 people bothered to show up for their gig in Brussels. But the band didn't mind. They went on and played a set full of energy and power, a real treat for any rock n' roll fan.

VK Club in Brussels was an excellent place for a rock concert, a small club that was located in the outskirts of Brussels. Opening act was Hulk, a Belgian band that had a few catchy songs. The lead singer was good with the guitar and also the other band members seemed to have talent. Definitely a band with some potential but I think they still have to work on their songs.

After Hulk it was time for five skinny boys from Sweden, the Hellacopters. The first song was "Sometimes I Don't Know" which was immediately followed by "The Devil Stole the Beat from the Lord". Then the compulsory few words to the crowd and after that the guitars did the talking. A rock n' roll ride with only one mid-tempo song (No Song Unheard) in the middle.

I must say the band seemed to have attitude. I think that not so many people in the crowd knew the band beforehand so in the beginning everyone was just checking out the band and listening to their songs. But the band really did some serious work on warming up the crowd and in the end most of the people were jumping up and down and really enjoying the show. The band gave a full 100 per cent in the stage and at least they didn't seem to mind that the crowd was really small.

The band played most of the songs from their new album, "High Visibility", but they had also picked some excellent songs from their previous albums to their setlist. The Hellacopters have been true to their style in all of their records so the new songs mixed well with the older stuff. The gig lasted for bit over an hour which was a bit disappointing, but then again they made every minute count. I've listened to the band on record and after the gig in Brussels I can only say that they are first and foremost a live band. Whatever expectations I had before the gig were exceeded by far. Still the band as a whole don't really bring anything totally new to the rock scene. But in some sense they bring continuity. As long as there are bands like the Hellacopters who can deliver an excellent live show, have fun in the stage in a way that it really shows and play some kick ass music you can be sure that rock and roll is alive and well.

By Petri Kautto,