Hugo Interview

Hugo On Earth

February 2000

Photos from "Time On Earth" booklet

Frontiers Records offered us a chance to interview Hugo, and of course we were ready!


Hello Hugo! I've been a fan of your work since the days of Valentine, and I am grateful for this opportunity to interview you! So let's begin...
Who are your biggest influences? People often say that you sound like Steve Perry, do you consider him as a big influence?

Hugo: "I grew up on great music and singers. Steve Perry, Lou Gramm - great singers singing great melody. It was only natural for me to find out how these guys could do this with their voices! I took lessons, had a great teacher and he taught me how to get there,vocally!!"

Let's go back to the early days: Was "Valentine" your first album, or had you recorded anything before that?

Hugo: " 'Valentine' was my first album. I had done some session work before that doing backing vocals for other artists, but that was about it!"

Looking back, do you have good memories of your time with Valentine/Open Skyz?

Hugo: "I speak to all of my old bandmates all the time. In fact, Adam Holland came in and played lead solos on a few of the songs on TIME. Gerard played bass on one that didn't make the cd, but we'll see about a future release. We had some great times on the road in America, but well have to save that for another interview!"

Do you include any of those Valentine/Open Skyz-songs in your live set these days?

Hugo: "When I played in England, we added TEARS IN THE NIGHT from the 'Valentine' cd. It went over great so I think that adding songs like that would help reconnect my relationship with the fans. It's been so long, I really miss playing live!"

the first album

The first "Hugo"-album was one of the finest albums of the nineties. Was it difficult to write songs for the follow-up?

Hugo: "Thanks so much for the compliment!! The first album was a real step toward reintroducing HUGO back to the people. I really think we succeeded!! TIME ON EARTH was an incredible expierience. My mother had cancer and she died. That whole time she would tell me to go to the studio and record-finish up. I couldn't leave her so I didnt! I knew that the people that got my first cd, they'd be back because it is true about melodic rock fans, the most dedicated fans in the world - that's why I'm doing this right now! "

the new album

Which are your favourite songs on the new album and why?

Hugo: "I don't have a favourite tune on the cd. Some were more fun to do, like "Blues For You" was a blast. "Last One More Time" is the original scratch vocal. It had every emotion and the voice sounded good so I kept it - certain things like that make doing it memorable"


Any touring plans following the release of the "Time on Earth"?

Hugo: I do hope to tour for TIME. So much depends on sales and it is expensive. It's been awhile but I'd love to play for the people who believe in me"