JAIME ST.JAMES    (ex.BlackīnīBlue)

Hereīs a small Interview with vocalist JAIME ST.JAMES (ex.BLACK īNī BLUE & FREIGHT TRAIN JANE) Heīs now busy playing and recording with his new band "THE GLORIOUS THINGS" and they will release a CD later this year.

Hello Jaime ! and Thanks for taking the time to answer a couple of Questions. Can You start with telling us what youīve been up to the last 3 - 4 years

For the past 5 years I stoped playing music,my heart just wasn't into it
for some reason.

Youīve got a new band called "The Glorious Things" Please tell us
everything about it..what do you guys sound like ???

My new band THE GLORIOUS THINGS is like a new life for me. We sound & look like a rock band from the 70's. Heavy but melodic,It features guys from
cleveland ohio,guitar,drums ,bass,&keyboards and me.I am writing most of
the music so far,so I guess there is a bit of a B N B sound.

Youīve been playing in a  bunch of different bands since BlackīnīBlue
broke up..What ever happened to :Freight Train Jane & American Man ??

My band after B N B was FREIGHT TRAIN JANE. We had a japanese release and that was about it. American man was Tommy's band.

Ohh...sorry about that ! And than you played in the KISS tribute band "Cold Gin" With you as "Peter Criss" and Tommy Thayer as "Ace" ! But cīmon aren't you guys too good to be playing in a tribute band?

The COLD GIN KISS tribute band was just for fun. You have to remember at
this time there was no kiss with make up.People loved that band and it just
took off. After all, thats what rock n roll is all about,having fun. We
never expected to make that big of deal out of it.

Everybody might not know that you started out as a drummer! Can you tell
us a little bit about the bands that you played with...is it true that you
bashed the skins for "Wild Dogs"

Yes I started out as a drummer. I actually played on half the wild dogs
album but they never gave me credit.I think it was because dean castranova
felt weird about it.

So...What made you to switch from Sticks to Mic ? and did you know that you
could sing ???

well...When I was 14 years old I was a drummer and I wanted to sing,I'm 18 by ALICE COOPER so bad that I tore apart a telephone(the part you talk into)
and made a microphone out of it.I always knew I could sing.

Tommy Thayer is the roadmanager/whatever for KISS nowadays !
How come that BīnīB broke up? and is there any chance that we might see you guys back together again ?

After B N B lost a record deal we just fell apart. This was about 1989.
This fall we may get back together to record a new C.D. and do a club tour
in the states.

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WOW ! Thatsīs Great news... I really hope that it will happen and I know that there are many fans out there that wants you back !    BīnīB Recorded the first album in Germany..How come ? Iīve heard something about "Geffen tried to change your style into something that you really wasn't into...or
The first album was good but a little stiff from the way we sounded live
in those days.Going to germany was our idea,Geffen went along with what we wanted to do So whatever the case, we are to blame or to be congradulated.

What about the producer on your debut album "Dieter Dierks"  A genius or
a maniac ? Thereīs so many stories about him...

Dieter Dirks was a very musical and nice man. I feel lucky to have worked
with him.

OK..And later you brought in Gene Simmons! You dont think that he had too
much say about the BīnīB sound ? Dont get me wrong I really like both
"Nasty,nasty & In Heat" but heīs known as a producer that really likes to take "control"

I think that Gene Simmons probably put a little to much gene into B N B
but we asked for it.I think there are some great moments on the last 2


You co-wrote "In my head" with Gene on the KISS album Carnival of
souls.What do you think about the album and have you been writing with
anybody else in the last couple of years ???

Gene called me up one day and asked me to write some lyrics with him.
the only thing he used was IN MY HEAD stuff. At this time the only music I
am writing is for my band THE GLORIOUS THINGS

If kids of "today" comes up and ask you what BīnīB was all about,
what would / do you tell them ?

I would tell kids of today that BLACK'N BLUE was a band from Portland
Oregon that didn't stand a chance,but we didn;t give up and even thought we
never got huge , at least we gave it our best.

So....What are your future plans ???
I plan on releasing a new C.D. from my new band soon. I think it will be
the best thing that I have ever done,...time will tell.

And if you got anything that you wanna say : To the fans and readers Please do !
Thank you to every one who has listened and enjoyed my/our music over
the years, that is my greatest reward.

A BIG Thank You ! to Mr.St.James,Heīs a really nice guy !! If you like to get in contact with him..Just to say Hello,or maybe to let him know that BīnīB should get back together or whatever :-)   Why dont ya send him a email at : jaimestjames@hotmail.com    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

"All I need to save my soul is a dose of rockīnī roll"  ROCK ON !!!

Urban Wallström - originally published in Catchy Hooks.