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(1997 Pony Canyon/2000 Mascot)

Joe Lynn takes a shot at some classic tracks, including "Hush", "Fire And Water" and "Gimme Some Lovin'". Rainbow's "Street Of Dreams" is reworked too, and the result is a bit more "soulful" than the original. The ultimate highlight is "Unchained Melody", one of the most beautiful tracks ever.

Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force: "Odyssey"
(1988 PolyGram)

Arguably Malmsteen's finest hour, and a brilliant performance from Turner. His contribution to the songwriting of this album is supposedly bigger than the credits lead one to believe. Highlights include "Hold On", "Heaven Tonight", "Crystal Ball" and "Heaven Tonight", all melodic gems combining Malmsteen's neo-classical style with Turner's commercial, radio-friendly approach.

"Rescue You"
(1985 Elektra)

Turner's semi-legendary AOR solo album, featuring songs co-written by Alan Greenwood (ex-Foreigner). "Rescue You" includes a bunch of very catchy melodic rock tracks such as "Losing You", "Endlessly" and "On The Run", and can be highly recommended to anyone into the likes of Foreigner, early Michael Bolton or Journey. OR melodic rock in general!

Joe Lynn Turner

JOE LYNN TURNER: Words of a "Holy Man"

1. How can you still find the fire/creativity to go on after so many years?

I love what I do and do what I love it's a passion that burns inside your blood. How's that for a lyric?

2. Are there any currently active singers you can still look up ?

Not many, I love Paul Rodgers, Glen Hughes, and a couple of new guys like Jorn Lande for Norway.

3. From all the musicians/songwriters, who were the best ones to work with personally and professionally?

You learn something from everyone you work with good or bad. Best is a relative term.

4. What band/album/song are you the most proud of?

I try to put pride into all of my work. There are a few personal favorites... Straight Between the Eyes, and Oddesey. My music is like children you love them all for different reasons.

5. You've got a couple of new albums out: "Holy Man" and "Undercover 2" (it's going to be released here in Finland soon). First "Holy Man": are you happy with it and is this bluesy hard rock direction the one you will follow with your future releases?

I am very happy with Holy Man, I think it's my best solo album to date. As for the future who knows!

6. "Undercovers": Are you already thinking of "UC3"?

No undercover 3 if it comes will be at its own time. I have a couple of songs in mind though.


7. I know a lot of your fans are secretly hoping for a more of a melodic rock release from you (me included), in the vein of "Rescue You" and some of the tracks you've co-written for Lee Aaron, bonfire etc. Any chance of these dreams ever becoming a reality?

I just received a proposal to do the melodic style you are talking about. I think it would be a great idea.

8. What would be the funniest story/incident you could share with us from your career?

My introduction to Rainbow... they completely destroyed my hotel room in Denmark. I was new and unaware of the initiation process. Blackmore had paid for the damage even before it happened. Of course I didn't find this out until the next morning via the hotel manager. They threw everything that wasn't nailed down out of my window 12 stories up.

9. - Last but not least, the obligatory Finnquestion: What do you know about Finland? I recall you have been here with Rainbow and Purple, any fond memories?

I always had a good time in Finland, as cold as it is there the crowds were always warm and receptive. You guys know how to party!!!!

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