AOR-Europe's Kimmo talks to Julian Angel,

1. What is going on in the world of Julian Angel right now?

Total nerve-wrecking stress on one side, extreme boredom on the other:) Thereīs pretty much happening actually, so Iīm writing and recording a new album, writing songs for a German pop project whose management is currently shopping for a deal, doing brainstorming for Nitro Entertainment, and I just got booked to finish the tour of the German cover rock act "Up n Away" as their singer and lead guitarist. But there are still days which donīt have that much to offer:)

2. When can we expect the next album to be released? Any idea where you're heading with the style etc.?

I plan getting finished this winter, but Iīm not sure yet, if the release will take place this year. As for the style Iīll pack together another bunch of eighties styled melodic hard rock, this time the songs will be more powerful than on the debut album. I love writing AOR melodies, but I do like sleazy guitar riffs too, and Iīm trying to put it all together. The final result will depend a lot on the mood Iīll be in during the mixdown.

3. What are your long term plans, do you think you will continue as a solo artist or are you hoping to join forces with some other musicians?

Iīd really love to join forces, but itīs always been hard for me to find the right musicians. Iīm really hard to please. The future will show, though I really need a band, since Iīm planning to play live this time.

4. Do you see yourself more as a guitarist, vocalist or songwriter (or something else? "A Rock God"? :))

Thank you very much, thank you:) If I had to choose, I would definitely be a guitar player, but Iīd still see myself as some all-round talent. It would be great to be a Rock God once, for now please worship me as a Rock Angel, haha.

5. Do you follow what's going on in the melodic rock scene of today? Any favourite new(ish) artists you'd like to mention?

I like the re-releases on Metal Mayhem quite a lot. Being pretty much influenced by Bon Jovi I really need to mention Johnny Lima, but also Norway, Push and a German band called Heatstroke, of whom I hope to hear more in the future than just that one great song on a Melodic Rock Sampler.

6. Gotta ask this...as good as the song is, "Only Lonely Baby Fire" deserves to be nominated as one of the most stoopid song titles of the year. It just makes no sense to me! What were you thinking?!

Youīre right, but itīs really drawing attention. I had been sitting in front of the TV with my guitar, playing these chords and singing that melody along with the lyrics I finally used. However, there hadnīt been a passage in the chorus that sounded like a great song title, so I just picked up a few of the words, put them together and here you are:)

7. Now another question that requires a completely honest answer. Songs titled "Hold On" are one of my favourite subjects of complaining. Barely a month goes by without at least one album being released with a song by that title. Have you ever written a song called "Hold On"? If not, can you promise not to write one? :)

Oh, Iīve already written one:) Itīs a nice ballad. But I donīt plan on releasing it, at least not on my next album. Thatīs a promise. But itīs true, this title is very popular and thereīs a lot you can write about it.

8. How's the touring thing? Is it going to be possible to go and see you performing live anytime soon?

As I mentioned before, Iīm planning a promo tour with the release of my next album. If I receive overwhealming reactions, maybe itīll take me up north to Scandinavia too.

9. Whatīs up with this "Wildest dream" connection? You even named a song after the band, which features our friend Vincenzo? Can we expect collaborations?

I actually came up with that new song independently from Vinceīs band. We are both lead guitarists, so it probably wouldnīt make that much sense playing together in a regular band. Anyway, it should be great doing some side project one day.

10. Last but not least, a couple of "fantasy" questions: If you had a chance to get a song of yours recorded by an artist of your choice, who would that be?

I would have given a song to Bon Jovi earlier on ( if the song had already been written ), when they were still "Bon Jovi". [Ed: Go figure...]

11. Another...if you could get anyone, just anyone in your band, who would you choose? And what position would you take yourself?

To name all my favourites I would probably come up with at least two spare-line ups. Well, let me try it: Tommy Aldridge on Drums, Nikki Sixx on Bass, David Bryan on Keyboards and Jon Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Bret Michaels and Stephen Pearcy in the lead-singer-rotation. I would be the guitarist then.

12. If there's anything else you want to say to our readers, now's your chance. Fire away!

Thank you all for showing - and proving - that melodic hard rock is alive and rising. Listen to your hearts and keep on rockinī. See you out there.

Interview by Kimmo Toivonen,