KANE ROBERTS: No, I am not dead!

1. The last time (before Phoenix Down) we heard about you was an Alice Cooper interview where he said you were into creating complete PC games with music, layout, story, etc. instead of playing music... Did these efforts have any result? If yes, can we check them out somewhere on the net? Any chance to download a demo or something?

We made a cdrom game a few years back call The Lordz of Tantrazz. Alice did one of the voices....it was a cool design altho some of the programming sucked. It can be found on the web through search engines. u can visit my biz site at www.planetfxgraphics.com or my phoenix down site at www.planetfxgraphics.com/kaneroberts. An official kane site is being posted soon.

2. Now "Phoenix Down"...how has it been recieved by the fans and the critics? Are you happy with it yourself?

I've read some great reviews but i dont know how it was received by fans. I get lots of positive email but until you tour or see the sales there's no way to gauge. I recorded phoenix to cover some of the songs i had written early on (80's and early 90's). Now and Then is a melodic rock label so when they convinced me to record I was excited that these efforts had found a home. the new album will reflect my music as it is today. HEAVY grooves and sounds with an eye on the melodic side of life. Phoenix Down

3. One thing that puzzles me...why did you choose to re-record "Rebel Heart"? I'm sure you would have had enough new tracks!

That was the one stipulation Now and Then records made as far as recording went...they LOVE that song so much....they really wanted me to record it again and I agreed altho I don't think we touched the original.

4. Why did you choose to release the album under the name "Phoenix Down"? Why didn't you just call it a Kane Roberts album?

as a transitional album i wanted to de-emphasize my solo artist personna....the point of Phoenix Down was to get back into the swing and to put out the unrecorded songs i felt deserved to be heard. i've always been partial to bands anyway... at this stage i want to remove image emphasis off of myself and place it more squarely on the music. on our next video i've found a great director who feels the same.... everything bows down to the message as found in the music / the image arises from that fire.

5. I've always thought of you as a "hit-potential" writer. "Phoenix Down" has a few songs that in my opionion SHOULD rule the airplay lists, and I think that a song like "Too Much", or anything off "Saints", could still probably make a big impact on the charts, if it was re-arranged to suit the current musical climate and recorded by an artist with major label support. Have you written for other artists (except Alice Cooper of course) or has anyone expressed interest in covering your old songs?

no...you have to keep in mind that i seriously took myself out of the loop. i had calls to play or write but turned them all down to pursue my other interests and re-vamp my music. the next album will reflect that (recording starts this month). when you disappear to the level i did (there was a rumor i was dead) u don't really get out that much. my publishers have sent songs around (reckless and twisted will be in the new Oliver Stone movie starring mark wahlberg) but i'm usually in the dark about that.

6. Can we expect to hear more music from you in the near future, and in which direction do you think you're heading?

yes....im about to embark on my most honest effort to date...we're in the writing stage but soon i'll be recording and there is no better feeling than that. it will less structured / heavy heavy groove with strong shots of melody. i'm also able to pull in the graphic and media resources i've developed so we'll see how far we can take it. napster (who i support) has shaken up the apple cart...now let's see where we can all take it.

7. Last but not least, the obligatory Finnquestion: What do you know about Finland? Have you ever visited, any fond memories?

no i havent....i have heard much about finland thru the finnish people i've met along the way and i do hope to make it there someday. it's important to see as many people as possible in one's career...if your music is there .... you should be there as well.