One of the great "travelling man vocalists", Göran Edman, in our claws...

- There are two albums coming out soon, both featuring you as the vocalist, Kharma's "Wonderland" and "Transition" by Street Talk. Do you see yourself as a full-time member of both bands, and are there plans to tour with both of them?

- Kharma is the only band of all projects where I regard myself as a permanent member

- Which are your favourite songs on "Wonderland"? Tell us something about them!

- My favourite songs are "Wonderland" and "Burn Forever" because they are not so closely related to the 80'ies. In general there are two styles on the album - some old songs from a demo we made back in the 80'ies that the record company liked ,such as "Angel Eyes" , "Don't Close Your Eyes", "Hold On" and "In Chains". "Wonderland" and "Burn Forever" are of a later date, with roots more in the 70'ies music traditions

Gotta ask this...was it just a freak accident that you ended up using some of the most overused song titles ("Hold On", "Don't Close Your Eyes"...) or what?

- That is also the explanation why these songs by a "freak accident" happen to have overused song titles. We did not want the songs to be on the album at all but the record company had a different opinion as usual.

- Your voice has graced quite a few albums. Do you have any particular favourite albums or songs, ones that you are really proud of?

- I think "Wonderland" is the first album that I am really satisfied with. We had the opportunity to spend so much time with the production and nothing where left to chance, which is one of the major reasons why "Wonderland" has become such a good album. I think Kharma's music fits my voice perfectly.

- Who do you consider as your biggest influences as a vocalist?

I don't think I have any favourite singer in particular . I have always tried to find a style of my own. I enjoy listening to singers such as Steve Walsh in Kansas, Paul Rogers from Free and Bad Company ore Peter Gabriel just to mention a few.

- Have you ever thought of doing a solo album, and if so, what kind of music it would contain?

- I have been thinking a lot about it really but it's to early to say. Something completely different I presume.

- Since you're from "next door", I won't ask what "do you know about Finland" as I usually do in interviews. However, you've visited Finland (with Malmsteen at least, if I remember correctly). I'd like to know what kind of picture did you get of our country?

- I know that the sauna is an important part of Finnish culture.

- Last but not least...did you watch the World Hockey Championships? Any comments? :)

- It was a disappointment for the Swedes I guess. Personally I am not really interested in sports so I did not bother that much.


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