Kilpi, the Turku-based band who impressed many with their 80'ies styled heavy metal debut "Sähkönsininistä Sinfoniaa" last year, returned to their home turf last week with a gig in Lieto, a nearby small town. The gig was something different to the normal smoky bars or festivals, as the band brought their metal to a local elementary school, and played to an younger audience than usually. Me and my wife were most certainly among the oldest spectators there, with the youngest ones being around six years of age. Kinda funny to see a six-year old kid doing the good ol' "evil horns" sign..

The gig wasn't heavily promoted, and it was only by accident that I stumbled upon a mention of it somewhere. The turnout wasn't too good, I guess a hundred people or so, but Kilpi didn't let the less than half-empty hall bother them. They put up a decent show for us who had found out about the gig, and played most of their first album and three new songs off their second album, due out in autumn.

The set was opened as every heavy metal should be opened, with a classical music intro (I'm only kidding here, right?), followed by the intro of their album, "Tervetuloa". "Antakaa Aikaa" was the first "real" song, a catchy, keyboard-driven track with a strong hook. Vocalist Taage took command of the stage like the well-seasoned veteran he is, and proved again what an incredible vocalist he is. The rest of the band (Petteri Kilpi and Alba - guitars, Jane - bass, Janne Karttila - drums and Kukkis - keys) were very good too, and with the expection of non-singing drummer Janne, provided good backing vocals. However, as it very often seems to be at rock gigs, the keys were inaudible for most of the time.

All the radio hits from "Sähkönsinistä Sinfoniaa" were played, "Pahalle Et Käännä Selkää", "Villin Vaaran Kosto" and the huge hit single "Nerokasta Ikävää". The new album was previewed with three tracks, the new single "Sielut Iskee Tulta" and two others, " Tie Turvatkaa" and "Sen Tietää" . "Sielut" is a good melodic track which should do well on the airwaves. The other two tracks were heavier than one would expect, and frankly I wasn't that impressed by them, but maybe they'll grow on me...

Photos and review by Kimmo Toivonen,