Johnny Lima Interview

HERE'S JOHNNY - Still Shining On!

February 2000

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Mr. Lima

A longtime L & C friend Johnny Lima was very kind to answer our questions!

What is going on in the world of Johnny Lima right now?

Johnny: "Right now I'm demoing new material and getting ready for the next album. I should start recording around May or June and hopefully be done by the end of the summer. Guess that means I won't be at the beach this summer. =)"

You are a part of the Now & Then supergroup with Ralph Santolla & co. Can you tell me more about this project?

Johnny: "You probably know just as much as I do. It was an idea that Bruce Mee from Now and Then Productions had. Bruce called me up and asked if I'd be interested in doing some lead vocals and the bass parts on this project and I told him to count me in. From what I know, the writing teams are going to be split up into three groups of two. Me and Ted Poley, Sue and Vinny, and then Ralph and Dan. We're going to record the album in Florida and England. The American part of the group will record in Florida and the English part will record in England. As far as when all this is going to get started, I don't have a clue. Right now we're all working on our own albums and I guess when we're done, we'll start this project. So not much will be done until the end of the year. "

The Velocity to tell what happened?

Johnny: "It just wasn't what I expected. It's kind of like when a couple meets and they go through that honeymoon stage in their relationship. After a few months the honeymoon is over and the true colors start to show and you wonder if you made the right choice. Well, I didn't make the right choice!"

Gods' 99 - many people mention your performance as one of the best of the festival. Your own impressions, please!

Johnny: "It was the best time I've ever had on stage. The fans were great, the bands were great, and the beer was great. It was truly a great experience. That night is going to stay with me the rest of my life. It's changed me in a lot of good ways and I think the results from that performance were very positive. Hopefully next time I'll be able to do more than 5 songs."

cover of the first album

When can we expect the next album to be released? Any idea what's it going to be like?

Johnny: "Well, I'm hoping it will be done in time for the next Gods show. I will start recording in June and it won't take more than 3 months or so to record the album. So if the record company is on the ball with mastering, manufacturing, etc., then I think a November release is possible. As far as what the album is going to be like, all I can say is, it's gonna be great! HAHAHAHA!!

cover of the second album It's going to be melodic, that's for sure, but I don't want it to be a carbon-copy of my previous albums. But it's really too soon to make any predictions on the sound because I haven't started recording the album yet. I'm just going to record an album that "I" want to record. I'm not going to let any outsiders influence me to record an album that I don't like. What's the point in that. "

Touring plans? We'd really like to see you here in Finland too, maybe as a support of some bigger name!

Johnny: "It's all up to the record company since they have to fit the bill for the tour. I'm sure I'll be doing quite a bit more shows then I previously had expecially since the response I got in England last year was very positive. We'll see."

Is there anyone in particular you really would like to tour with?

Johnny: "Shania Twain, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. But more for personal reasons than professional =)!"

Other than writing music, what are you doing on your "freetime"? Sleeping doesn't count!

Johnny: "Well, since I'm getting ready for a new album, I don't have much freetime. Whatever time I have free I have to spend with my girlfriend OR ELSE!!! =)" <