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AOR Heaven
Impulse Music - Rare Japanese CDs For A Headbangin' Generation - Record Heaven Online Shop
Schmankerl Records
NEH Records
Music Buy Mail
Trendfabrik CD shop
Grooves Inc. - New CD store. Most info in Finnish.

Record labels specializing in AOR and melodic rock (or otherwise interesting):
Lion Music
Rock Candy
Escape Music
Magna Carta
AOR-FM Records
Eonian Records
Record Heaven
Z Records
Adrenaline Records
Perris Records
Kivel Records
Nightmare Records
NEH Records
Chavis Records
Outlaw Recordings
Low Frequency Records
Dockyard 1

Webzines and other sites of interest:

Rocktopia - Fireworks Magazine's online presence
Glory Daze
AOR Dreamzones
Rock Tracks -RealAudio & MP3 samples of AOR & hard rock tracks
Heavy Harmonies - Need info? It's here!
Hard Rock And Metal Area - A German site
WWW.AOR.NU - An AOR site with good interviews, etc.
Imperiumi - A metal site in Finnish
Neil Daniels - author of the Judas Priest book "Defenders Of Faith" and several others - A free resource and database of guitar lessons to help you improve your skills.

Metal Sludge -A site unlike anything else! - Seriously funny stuff...
MulletJunky.Com - More funny stuff...Have YOU ever had this hairdo? I'll plead guilty...